2010 Twitter Resolutions

December 18th, 2009   •   3 comments   

OK, now I know it’s not 2010 yet, but I’m a gal that likes to look ahead. In thinking about this tidal wave of social networking in 2009, I couldn’t help but wonder what next year will bring! If you love information and talking to people–as I sure do–being on Twitter is like being a kid in a candy store all over again. It’s fun, intimidating and sometimes more than you can take without getting a stomachache. So here’s what I’m thinking…



Here are my TOP 10 Twitter RESOLUTIONS for 2010



10. I will be better at learning some more tools that can help me improve;



9. I will use Twitter to increase my firm’s revenue further (I already have a few clients, thanks to being on Twitter)



8. I will continue to build my following with good, quality, positive, fun, smart Tweeters!



7. I feel sure I’ll budget more for airline tickets to go MEET IN REAL LIFE my favorite Tweeters (I did some this year too)



6. I will not let Twitter replace the following: exercise, quality time with family and happy hours with my girlfriends!



5. I will teach another course with @jameshutto on how to use Twitter (it was so fun! We had a rockin’ great class)



4. I will use Twitter to help anybody I can and make a positive impact in someone’s life (like helping people find jobs)



3. I will continue to insist that I prefer “Tweeter” over “Twitterer” (I mean, who can even say it?)



2. I will embrace technology, I will embrace technology, I will embrace technology (I wanna be more GEEKY!)



1. I will continue to love Twitter as my favorite choice for social networking and am sure 2010 will be even bigger and better for those of us “forging powerful relationships and having great conversations in 140 or less”.



Cheers Yall! (And I can say Yall if I want to on my own blog). Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


  1. Bear Files says:

    Amy, That’s a fantastic list of twitter goals. Exercise has definitely lost out to Twiitter this year for me. I have committed to more workouts in ’10. The fact that I’m still waiting for the last day of ’09 to pass before starting has me worried though. For myself, I resolve to craft a more coherent social media strategy, and to consider the value to my target audience more often before I tweet.

    I still think Tweeter is too similar to "tweaker" but I agree with you, Twitterer sure is hard to say. There are plenty of us geeks around and we love to help, skype me at evolutionfiles (or 760-753-8883) anytime and I’ll sure try to help w/ anything, especially if you’re on a mac.

    You’re one of my favorite… tweeters (hard to get used to that term!), and my vote is for San Diego to be one of your first plane tickets of the year. Have a great 2010!

    – Bear Files, @evolutionfiles

  2. Mae says:

    Excellent thoughts! I’ve just recently started a Twitter account for our small company. The boss/owner wasn’t enthused at all, but I feel it CAN make a difference, if I keep it regularly updated with interesting items (and show off our personality)!

  3. Jason says:

    This is a great list. Too bad I just read them. I will start April a new. Thanks.

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