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I just got back from a brief trip to Alabama where I made a client presentation on PR/Social Media/Policy to their national sales team consisting of some wonderfully talented (and fun) people from across the U.S. It was probably one of the best “conversational” presentations I’ve ever made but I think that was more of a tribute to them–as a group of savvy sales people–than anything I said or shared. Armed with a powerpoint stuffed full of updated stats on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (thank you Emily) combined with some “real life” examples of how clients are using Social Media, I made my case. Clicking through slide after slide, they listened, took notes, nodded, paid attention and asked questions: THE PERFECT AUDIENCE! Admittedly, most of them are not using social media for business but to my delight, they collectively agreed they should consider it! As I sometimes say on Twitter, WOOT! So CHEERS to my great Alabama client for recognizing the need to embrace new ways to communicate and being open-minded, for they shall succeed! 


And to make sure we don’t forget about the importance of traditional marketing, my presentations always incorporate how to blend traditional communications with social. Social Media does not replace traditional communications, but it provides a way to leverage what already works–in big ways if you do it strategically. 


The great thing happening for me and our firm now is that clients are continuing to ask us to help them wade into these swiftly moving waters of social media. And we’re right there with them. Yesterday in our meeting in Alabama, we shared and discussed the new “online social media principles” published this week by Coca-Cola. Good stuff in those simple three pages. Coca-Cola is setting a great example in corporate America by recognizing the growing importance of social media but setting the record straight about what the company expects of its employees which goes something like this: “Hey, we want our employees acting as good stewards of our brand, good scouts for improvements but here are our expectations and policies and you must abide by them.” The key is using common sense and good judgment. When in doubt, DON’T POST, says Coca-Cola. Straight, great, simple. Just like the drinks they make! 


So our firm is helping our clients with strategy, policy, techniques, tools and bringing the traditional marketing and communications tactics that work into the social streams. Exciting time to be a marketing/social media/public relations firm!

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