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April 1st, 2010   •   9 comments   

OK: All the hype about Brogan making money off the social media world: First of all, I am glad to know that we are all in social media to ultimately develop revenue (OK, not everybody but I admit most).  Of course it’s mostly about meeting people and establishing relationships that lead to engagement.  Bottom line is this—tweeting is a waste of time if you can’t show your company or boss how you are helping to contribute results.  It’s not what’s on your virtual resume or “footprint” that counts—it is what you contribute to your team.  REVENUE rules. You would think in this economy people would “get it” and it continues to amaze me that some people feel entitled to their jobs! >> FAIL. If you are not generating revenue, adding monetary value to your organization, you should re-think things.  Gone are the days of cushy corporate 9-5 jobs.  The re-set button has been pushed and we are never returning to what was. The new world is tough and getting tougher. Cheers to those who can add value, be helpful and monetize—fairly—their work.  Chris Brogan is one of them.  I know recently he’s been criticized about this but I can tell you, he is –to me—an innovative businessman.  He’s awesome, geeky, smart, fun and accessible—but remember, he’s in it to build a business and I respect him for it.  As a small business owner, I get it, support it and have been around long enough to know that change is the ONE thing we count on.  Just because someone starts out in one place doesn’t mean they stay there. Today’s businesses that succeed are flexible, dynamic and open to new.   Chris Brogan is evolving as we all are and that’s the fun part about any business.

Social Media 101: Chris Brogan’s new book:  I love it.  It boils down great ideas, Chris’ own experiences, tools he likes, tools he’s not sure about, his opinions on things, examples of folks he respects, the list goes on.  Businesses can learn tons from this new book. Some good points: Twitter is a great way to promote your business blog and links; Photo Share rocks; Clients and how to involve them on your blog; The importance of Strategy (one of my favorite words); Specific uses of social media for industries like real estate, banking, etc.; Blogging tips including good examples for titles (the importance of brevity). GET THE BOOK. You’ll love it if you get what I meanJ

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree:  I have had the pleasure of contacting Chris to invite him to Memphis May 6th to speak to Memphis businesses on how social media gives everyone a big voice.  In planning our event (check my website for registration/info) I have had the great pleasure of working with Diane Brogan—his booking agent and Mom.  All I can say is that she is a wonderful person, a joy to work with.  We have had phone conversations and some e-mail exchanges.  I haven’t even had to talk to Chris yet (although I look forward to it). It is evident to me that family is most important to the Brogan crew and I think that’s the coolest thing of all. I have tweeted recently that #DianeRocks and she does. If every other speaker I’ve booked had been so easy/fun.  Thanks Diane! Maybe Chris will get to be the honorary Peabody Hotel Duckmaster while he’s here in our River City!

Cool People coming to #BroganMemphis:  We have 14 (and counting) cool Tweeps flying to Memphis for the May 6th event.  Soon I will list them all as we’re still compiling the list!!! From Canada to  PA to NYC to MO…the CMO crew is coming in. What a huge tribute to Chris and to the Power of Twitter.  This idea came to me while talking with Twitter friends Glen Gilmore (aka @TrendTracker) and Anne Gallaher (aka @AnneDGallaher) and with their encouragement, my being on Twitter and Chris Brogan talking back to me (imagine that)…here we are!  Thanks to all our sponsors: FedEx, Peabody, Pinnacle Airlines, JudyMac Team, The Memphis Daily News…we’re going to “trend on Twitter with the Power Tweeters” in May! Join us if you can. My website has all details at

Thanks for reading this! I look forward to your comments and any questions you may have.  Rock on!

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  1. Prince says:


    You are among the most genuine folks I have had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter 🙂 I hope to meet Chris someday too, and find out his awesomeness IRL.

    You are generating quite the momentum with #BroganMemphis, and the crew seems to be right behind you.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. amy Howell says:

    Thank you Prince!! You are the "prince of Twitter" and I appreciate you.. thanks for the comment.

  3. Kathy Snavely says:

    Amy, you are one of the greatest finds on Twitter! Honored to be a friend and colleague. And your post is right on. If you’re not making money, you’re not in business. Chris gets transparency, engagement and value; we would all do well to be students in his classroom. (And Prince IS indeed a charming one!)

  4. Anne Deeter Gallaher says:


    Your Social Media Gives Business a Big Voice event on May 6 with Chris Brogan sends several messages:

    1) Memphis has the social media capital to compel Chris Brogan to come; 2) Your experience and quest for marketing success in this space has created an opportunity for the entire Memphis business community to benefit from; 3) Howell Marketing is ahead of the curve in setting a new standard for the PR/marketing conversations and your clients should be thrilled you’re leading the social media charge! There’s no turning back!

    Your leadership is inspiring–so inspiring and compelling that I’m hopping a plane from Harrisburg with @MarisaCorser to meet the entire @TheSocialCMO crew IRL and hear Chris Brogan for ourselves! That’s the real power of Twitter! Oh, there’s revenue involved too–I’m counting on #BroganMemphis to make us all smarter and more valuable to all our clients!

  5. amy Howell says:

    Thanks Anne and Kathy! Smart comments make my blog even better…so glad you guys are coming in! The power of the meeting IRL will definitely pay dividends. Kathy–I have not forgotten the girl scout cookies….i swear, i’ll ship em..Have them ready!

  6. Amy,

    Very excited to be returning again to Memphis, my second home, especially to the privilege of introducing the The Master of Social Media, Chris Brogan, at #BroganMemphis. Chis is someone who leads first by example in the social space, sharing rich insights everyday to anyone who will listen. Even with his "meteoric" success (some folks seem to forget how long he’s toiled in the trenches!), he continues to keep it real by continuing the conversation with his scores of fans, and even with the occasional detractor! He is The Trust Agent because he has shared so much for so long with so many.

    There is no doubt that each of us who attends #BroganMemphis will take away incredible insights and new friendship. I am certain, as well, that the City of Memphis will also receive a boost from those area businesses that put to work the lessons they’ll learn from the Master of Social Media.

    If you weren’t already planning to do so, please join us at #BroganMemphis — you’ll have a great time with a great crowd in a great city. Hope to see you there! (Amy, I just may need to refresh at the RIver when it’s done!)


  7. Amy Howell says:

    Thanks Glen! Well said!! Thx for improving my post! Can’t wait to have you here with our "crew." We will have fun, learn and eat BBQ together! Can’t wait! Thanks for being you and for all your great help! You’re the best!

  8. Jason says:

    This blog has been very insightful. Thanks for all your insights. I am certainly gleaning a ton from you!

  9. amy Howell says:

    Thank you Jason!!

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