Brogan & The Amazing Crew: Memphis…Get Ready!

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The countdown is on to #BroganMemphis and we are days away from hosting @ChrisBrogan at the Peabody Hotel @PeabodyMemphis May 6th.  It’s been one heck of a ride planning it all and I’m excited to get to finally meet Chris and hear him speak. Working with him and his team has been a pleasure!  Thanks to our sponsors too– FedEx @FedEx The Memphis Daily News @MemphisDaily Judy McLellan Team @JudyMacTeam The Peabody Hotel, Pinnacle Airlines and the Vanick Group. One ancillary and unexpected surprise in our planning has been the number of Twitter friends–successful, busy professionals–who have joined the party from out of town!  Two are even flying in from Canada!  The number is growing and I’m impressed that these folks are spending their time and money to be here.  Memphis, are you ready for the *PowerTweeters*? Not only are we going to get to meet “in real life” but we get to hear Brogan, be with him at the sponsor dinner (The famous Rendezvous) and meet as a group for the 1st “Social CMO” facilitated by Jeff Ashcroft where we will be brainstorming, discussing ways in which we can help each other, send business to one another, share ideas, etc.  A “virtual” powerhouse–literally.  After the Brogan event and our meeting we’ll have dinner and probably tour Beale Street for some authentic live Memphis music…I imagine we’ll eat our share of BBQ and other Memphis cuisine and finally–it wouldn’t be a proper post without me saying–we’ll be live tweeting all the way!

So without further delay…I give you the PowerTweeters who will be “walking in Memphis” soon….

@AnneDGallaher: A true PR/marketing Pro who knows how to get it done! Great friend (IRL), fun powerhouse who I’m lucky to know

@TrendTrackerMy “go to” for most things social media/policy/legal…a true professional and valued friend and Philly tour guide

@TheSocialCMO: Jeff Ashcroft high above Canada, our intelligent Social CMO founder, great thinker and organizer. Loves to “horizontal tweet”

@TreyPennington: One of Twitter’s most valued, a true South Carolina Gent and author who gets around the T-verse! He’s everywhere!

@ProfS: Kathy Snavely is one of the best on Twitter, a true networker, teacher and politico! Can’t wait to see you again!

@EricFletcher: My Dallas Follow Friday and everyday good friend, fellow Texan, gracious legal eagle. He and I have much to discuss and he owes me a beer!

@KentHuffman: Kent is Mr. Marketer Monday on Twitter, author of SMMmagazine and a great person! Can’t wait to meet!

@AmberCadabra: Amber Naslund is someone I am excited to meet, a superstar in her field and on Twitter!

@sauerscomm: Ryan Sauers and I have had the best phone conversations and I can’t wait to meet another marketer! He’s also offering to help me drive all of you around!

@MarisaCorser: Works with Anne and I have met twice in Philly! She? is awesome, fun and will keep us in line I’m sure–or try to!

@B2Bbloggers: Jeremy Victor is a machine blogger of great content, fun person (I can tell) and I can’t wait to meet!

@BillyMitchell1: Partner at MLT Creative (Atlanta, NY) Billy is doing great work for clients….I want the fish story when you get here!

@DebWeinstein: Another Canadian friend I cannot wait to meet! Very savvy marketer and all around fun person!

@MarkWSchaefer: A true pro, author of “Grow” blog who I met in Knoxville…he’s moving heaven and earth to get here (as all are)!

Thanks to this crew for busting it to be here. These folks know that anything worth it requires effort, time and resources. It also requires that you put yourself out there, meet new people and sacrifice a bit to do so. So look out Memphis! You might find yourself on Google’s hot trends list with this crew in town.  One thing I can promise is that we’re going to have a heck of a great time here in the City of Elvis, Music & BBQ! Bring your blue jeans and blue suede shoes!  I’m thankful to all of my Twitter friends and can you tell, just a wee bit excited about #BroganMemphis!

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