#BroganMemphis: What I learned

May 8th, 2010   •   2 comments   

I wanted to do a quick blog post about the past few days leading up to Chris Brogan’s speaking, our events around his speaking and the cool things I learned…I spent most of yesterday in a client strategy and execution meeting where we talked about how these social media tools give us bigger ears (to borrow Brogan’s phrase).  Amazing, fun and exciting times we live in and I have had more fun in the past two years than I have had in my 25 years doing marketing and PR for corporate entities. So, here are a few highlights from the last few days I thought I’d share:

·         Never think you know someone until you meet them IRL (in real life). I’m not just talking about Brogan—who by the way is a great person, fun, funny and well, a “duck master” now for crying out loud (thank you Peabody Hotel)

·         Plan early, get up early, stay ahead of it all, anticipate what’s coming and stay calm.  Our success was totally attributed to good planning, smart strategy and execution

·         Ignore people who are negative: There will always be at least one person who has to be the jerk and try and rain on your parade….you have to learn to keep your eye on what’s positive, productive and profitable (I will say that having kids has helped me with this for some reason..someone gave me some cocktail napkins that say “you can’t scare me…I have children” and it is sort of true!)

·         You cannot thank people enough: Thank you all the sponsors, FedEx, The Memphis Daily News, The Judy Mac Team, Vanick Group, Pinnacle Airlines and the Peabody Hotel.  Also, thanks to *everyone* who attended, especially those FRIENDS who came in from out of town (even Canada)—I love my gift of the I-pad and the “Memphis Power Tweeter” Award!

·         Even though the schedule is crazy, stop and enjoy the minutes: I didn’t want it to end and at several points I forced myself to just stop and watch, look around, listen in on the *serendipity* of the magic!

·         Learn as much as you can by asking lots of questions—amazing how much social media gives us *sharing* on steroids

·         Don’t rely on others to do your job for you—it’s hard work and you have to do it: Get help of course but accept that if it’s your event with your name on it, you own the successes and the speed bumps!

·         Connect and associate with other “Trust Agents” out there who help promote you and your like minded ideas: The Social CMO “crew” that came in for #BroganMemphis is a case study of what can happen through Twitter

·         Have fun, move forward, finish what you start and know you are never done.  I learned Chris Brogan is just getting warmed up! He is evolving as we all are and that’s the best part of it

·         In the end, doing great work for clients is what matters the most…By bringing Brogan to Memphis, we apply new tools and ideas to help our clients move forward, and that is the coolest of cool.  Thanks for reading this and I’ll be posting some photos of our event soon.

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  1. I’m so excited that things went well for you Amy and that this event sounds like an absolute success! You really hit on some key "thoughts to live by" and I would have to completely agree with them.

    I especially like this one: "Don’t rely on others to do your job for you—it’s hard work and you have to do it: Get help of course but accept that if it’s your event with your name on it, you own the successes and the speed bumps!"

    This is actually SO true in the social media work with businesses trying to figure it out. All they want is for someone to do it for them, but then when they do not see the results that THEY expect (due to a lack of understanding what is/is not possible) they blame the outside contractors. Listen, it’s our name (the business owners/leadership,) it’s our brand and if we want the success stories that CAN come from using social media, then WE have to accept it as our job to make/help happen!

    Great job… and I’m jealous… Chris Brogan had to back out of our event this May!!!

  2. amy Howell says:

    Brian: Thank you so much! I am thrilled we were able to have Chris in Memphis and equally as excited about all the Twitter friends who attended–moved heaven and earth to be here. We live and work in exciting, fast paced times and I’m just so glad Memphis could attract someone like Chris. I am grateful to all my SocialCMO "crew who came as well…They? Rocked. All the best!

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