Terror: If Twitter and the Internet *Went Away*

May 19th, 2010   •   4 comments   

Heaven Forbid Twitter and the Internet should *go away* but given the current state of *crazy* in our world, I have to ask the question.  If you think about it, BP is now saying they had no idea things could get this bad—oil spill.  Look at the banking and real estate sectors: Who would have thought our banking world would come crashing down and need Federal help. The real estate industry is not far behind. So, what makes you think our internet could not fail?  I was inspired to write this post because today, my own e-mail went down (my IT guys took awhile to fix it—grrr) for about 4 hours during *prime time*.  I quickly called and emailed (from other accounts) my clients to let them know to call me on the phone if they needed me fast (my normal “MO”).  So it got me thinking and wondering, inspiring me to post this: What if the internet went down? Here are my thoughts…..(add more please)


·         Technology is great but don’t rely on it as the conduit  (what do you rely on?)

·         Have a backup plan! What if you can’t communicate with your clients? Does it matter? Will you get paid if the internet crashes?

·         Do you have your client’s home phone numbers, cell numbers?

·         Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube won’t work if the Internet goes out, right?

·         If a cell tower near you goes out….are you prepared?

·         What is important to your clients in a crisis? What will *they* need? How can you add value?

·         Do you have back up batteries, cell phones and extra cool stuff?

·         Who would you call (I want “Ghost Buster type Geek Help”)?

·         Today I did a test and asked for phone numbers for some of my *power tweeters*..Guess what? I have a great spread sheet I’m putting together in excel in case….Thanks to all of you who trust me to store your phone number. We may need it someday.

·         Ask yourself: What would it mean to me and my business if the internet (and Twitter) vanished for a month or so…


Please feel free to “DM” me your phone and private contact information as I’m happy to keep it all confidential and not “for sale.”  This is my promise and I hope we never have online “crisis” but I fear we certainly will.  All the best, thanks for reading this and cheers to all you fun Tweeps who sent me your information. Keep it coming.  Amy


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  1. Kathy Snavely says:

    Wow! There was a time not long ago life was without Twitter – can’t picture it now. Great advice, Amy – planned for multiple computers, plugged in and cordless phone lines (frequent power outtages here taught us to have a non-electric line), cell phones – but didn’t think of no internet. Do you see our friends from FedEx smiling?? Thanks for being a catalyst!

  2. Mark W Schaefer says:

    Well done. And much needed!

  3. Great post topic Amy! Definitely something no one, including myself, has given much thought to. A couple of the points you made that stood out for me were to have phone numbers/other such contact information stored for reference, as well as how can you add value to your clients ~ what would they need in case of a crisis. Thanks for sharing 😉 Christine

  4. @Iconic88 says:

    Wonderful post Amy!!!

    Here are some raw thoughts relating to this blog post topic:
    – create a spreadsheet and save information on 2 separate hard drives
    – burn to a cd/dvd
    – backup phone numbers too
    – send people your PO Box address for snail mail
    – backup all your pics on Facebook, Flickr etc
    – learn how to make smoke signals just in case of the most extreme scenario Amy ;-)))))

    Thank you.

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