Don’t get too BIG for your Twitter Britches!

November 27th, 2010   •   10 comments   
Humility is a great quality! The more popular you get, the more down to earth you MUST be! So…here’s my list of too big for your Twitter britches: you can’t respond to your ats…you think FF & MM are stupid…you only reply to people with lots of followers…you only reply or engage when you have an agenda…you say you have so many followers that you can’t keep up…You never answer … You grab on to the *list* in the stream ~ You think your book makes you *it* ~ you want everyone to comment on your blog but you won’t on theirs;)) you miss the small & important stuff! You google yourself way too much ~ you charge for what is free~ you ‘dm’ everyone to RT your blog and you don’t give link love back~And you absolutely *hate* this: (((((((HUGS))))))


  1. Amy, what are we gonig to do to get you out of your shell? hugs back, Mark

  2. Amy Howell says:

    Mark: Ha!! Good Twitter friends help make it easier to get out of the "shell." I wish I were as smart as you my friend. All the best. Amy

  3. Kirk Taylor says:

    I've simply stopped following anyone too big for their britches and I've made it a habit to respond to everyone that reaches out to me.

    You've been a great example of the same! Great post Amy.

  4. amy Howell says:

    Kirk: Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Good ideas. I'm honored that you follow me as one of your "selects" and appreciate the fact that you took time to comment and then nudge me on Twitter! Thank you.

  5. I love this…I have many debates with people who tell me I spend too much time @ replying my followers and thanking them for RTs and shouts.
    I hope I never get too big that think I am above being humble 🙂

  6. Amy Howell says:

    Jessica: a HUGE honor to have your comment on my tiny blog! Thank you so much. You represent the most popular and most down to earth ~ my role model. #you rock. Stay cool!

  7. Yemi Osunkoya says:

    Great post Amy and very sound advice. I will be retweeting this now.

  8. Amy Howell says:

    Yemi: thank you! Thanks for taking the time to comment;))

  9. amy Howell says:

    Sara! Great points and thank you. I think gratitude is one of the most important things we have. Without it…well, I won't go there. It's one thing to be grateful and another thing to show and tell that you are. I would hope we would do both whenever possible:) Grateful for comments on my blog. Thank you!

  10. I just Rt'd the link to this postThe first (((((((HUGS)))))) I recieved I was very embarrassed! But as time goes by I am happy to send them to my friends. If friends send me links to Blogs I will comment if I feel that the Blog is good YOURS IS GREAT ! Short and Sweet! BLESSINGS! + #Gr8Weekend2U RICH :0)

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