Fun Feeding South Main Police Gumbo! Good Neighbors

January 27th, 2011   •   no comments   
Recently we had the rare and great opportunity to feed the South Main Police in our office last Friday.  We just thought it would be fun to get to know our neighborhood police and feed them steaming hot seafood gumbo on a cold winter day! We had lots of garlic bread and cheese to go along and we had a great time. Thanks to Automatic Slims for providing the most delicious seafoood gumbo!  We loved meeting our downtown police and we are glad to say, they all rock!   Here’s what I learned: 
  • Being a police officer is probably one of the most important jobs we have
  • Our City police are awesome.  In the midst of all they have to do, they are cool people. 
  • They run marathons; they use apps to calculate calories; they are family people;
  • The safest place in Memphis is downtown (they say so)
  • Our police work hard to keep our streets safe and they work together
  • The police know day-to-day where our problems are–TALK TO THEM!
  • They are smart people.  One officer in particular, has a PhD in Urban Planning. He moved from California (where he was a City Planner) to Memphis to chase bad guys.
  • They love my spaghetti, gumbo and cookies:))
  • We need more Memphians to “LOVE OUR PO PO”
  • The way to the PO PO heart? IS through the stomach
  • WE LOVE our S. Main Police–You are welcome in our office 24~7
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