PR Re-Invented: SocialSlam 2011 is COMING to Tennessee #SoSlam

February 1st, 2011   •   4 comments   


I am looking forward to attending and participating in Knoxville’s #SoSlam (Social Slam) event April 13th, 2011 and meeting Jay Baer ( @JayBaer ) and Bryan Winter ( @BrianWinter ).  I am fortunate to say that I know Christina “CK” Kerley ( @CKsays ) and Trey Pennington ( @treypennington ) in real life as many of these folks came to Memphis last May for @ChrisBrogan ‘s event.  This April event, organized by my good friend and master blogger @MarkWSchaefer–is shaping up to be one of the best yet.  Along with sponsor Pyxl and Knoxville’s Social Media Club, there will be additional sponsors as we get closer to the date! 

 It will be great seeing my good friend and collegue @AnneDGallaher–one of the sharpest PR minds out there and @GlenGilmore–my go to for everything social for some of my client projects.  I’m pleased that my client @Epperson_E will be joining us on a panel to discuss the need to embrace social media for business.  In addition to Mark, these are 3 people that I know well, work with regularly, and admire tremendously.  All of these people I have met and come to know because of Twitter and social media in general.  I continue to be amazed by the power of Twitter as a business network tool and this year’s Social Slam demonstrates that.

What I love about this “crew” is they are all entrepreneurs or business owners with tangible business experience.  Their backgrounds are deep and they are successful because while they “grew up” in the traditional marketing space, they have been able to embrace the new technology and tools to further enhance their client work.  With the exception of a few–I’m not sure about everyone’s ages–the ones I know here are at least 40 and maybe a bit over 40.  Like me, these speakers were working in the trenches before we had the internet and I was working in corporate marketing before the FAX machine!

So here’s what you get to learn if you regisiter for social slam 2011.  You can register online by going to this link: PRICE is $49 and includes a free copy of The Now Revolution AND a free copy of Mark Schaefer’s new book, The Tao of Twitter (both hot off the press!)

Keynote Speakers:

  • @JayBaer: Global Top 50 marketing blogger and author of The Now Revolution
  • @CKsays: Christina is America’s foremost authority on mobile marketing
  • @TreyPennington: author, professor and one of the best personalities on the social web
  • @BrianWinter: Former VP Sun Microsystems and CMO Carpathia Inc.

4 Amazing Panel discussions:

In addtion to learning and networking a lot, Mark assures me there’s a few parties that will take place around this event! And if Mark keeps telling people on Twitter to “catch a ride with Amy Howell” I will have to rent a bus to pick everyone up as I drive across the State.  I’ll be bringing @AlysDrake with me who handles a lot of our client social media work.  We can’t wait to see everyone! Thanks Mark for organizing such a power group and including me!

Are you attending?


  1. Laschandra Spraggins says:

    Sounds like a great event. It would be great if something like this could happen in West TN.

  2. Amy Howell says:

    Laschandra: Thanks for commenting. We actually had a great event last May here in Memphis when we brought in Chris Brogan and a lot of these same folks. We'll do more in West TN and we often host smaller events through the Memphis Social Media Club. Thanks for following me and I'll be sure to announce social media events here in the future.

  3. Ryan Sauers says:

    Amy. Great post. This will be a super event. I greatly look forward to it. Ryan

  4. amy Howell says:

    Thank you Ryan! Look forward to being with you again and learning from you and everyone there! Thanks too for commenting on this post:) You rock.

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