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February 28th, 2011   •   4 comments   


As a college student, it is sometimes hard for my peers and I to differentiate the uses and then ultimately decide how we want to use social media.  Sure, my generation has basically grown up with the social networking sites, but it is hard to grasp the capabilities and power of sites focused on engagement like Twitter, when so many of our friends are simply sharing random thoughts or chatting casually with one another about nothing in particular.   

 When I joined Twitter, I began to explore, followed a few of my friends and the usual celebrities, and eventually sent out my first tweet.  I soon got bored with the casual use approach and decided I would follow influential people from all over who related to my major, public relations.  Originally from the Memphis area, I had big dreams of landing an internship or job in the city I loved. I felt it would be a challenge being a Missouri State University student, 300 miles away in Springfield, MO.  Well, what better way to learn about the people and places I’d like to work with than to listen to what they really have to say?    

 When searching for influential Memphians, it was not long at all before I began following @HowellMarketing (Amy Howell) and her wonderful team @alysdrake ( (Alys Drake) and @LaceyWash (Lacey Washburn).  Their tweets instantly stood out to me and no one I had found thus far was doing Twitter like they were.  They were reaching out, sharing news, and having friendly, relevant conversations I was interested in with people across the world.  I knew I had to find out more, so I hopped on the Howell Marketing website and soon began scouring for internship opportunities. Nothing—I was deflated.  Then it hit me.  These women talk to practically thousands of people on Twitter every day, why not me?  That was it and I had made up my mind, I was going to send a tweet to Amy Howell.  I had already begun to take pages from the books of the tweeters I admired, sharing my own PR news and engaging with my PR peers.  One of my big influencers was the Howell team, so needless to say I was nervous. 

I tweeted: “ @HowellMarketing, your website doesn’t mention a search for summer interns, are you accepting any applications? I would love to apply!” 

Much to my surprise, a short time later I got a reply: “Sure! We do have summer interns ~ send resume to @LaceyWash  @KABagley 

WOW!  I was ecstatic; I got in touch with Lacey via Twitter, she sent me her email address, then I sent my resume and cover letter onto her with high hopes and a few prayers. 

The morning Amy returned from her Christmas break, I got a phone call.  We set up a time to meet and that afternoon I was having coffee with Amy and Alys.  Now, I am proud to share that I will be interning and learning from the Howell team this summer and I could not be more eager!  This dream of an opportunity came about from simply reaching out and taking a chance on Twitter.  If you get to know the people you’re interested in and those with whom you share common interests, you are likely to not only gain new friends but so much more.


Guest Post by Kiersten Bagley

Summer 2011 Intern at Howell Marketing Strategies

Follow me on Twitter at @KABagley


  1. amy Howell says:

    Thanks K! It was your cover letter and your leadership qualities that landed you at our coffee meeting! You found me on Twitter but you did it all the right way and if anyone can be successful, it will be you! We are so excited that you weren't afraid to reach out and can't wait to have you on board this summer!

  2. Kiersten Bagley says:

    Thank you so much for inviting me to post on the Howell blog, Amy. It was a pleasure and I hope I can contribute more in the future. I also appreciate your very kind words, I cannot wait to get started with you all this summer! I couldn't be happier with the way things progressed after that one little tweet (Power of Twitter)!

  3. Kiersten Bagley says:

    I just have to add, I really consider myself living proof of the true power of Twitter. Thinking back to the time of my interview, you asked me how many Twitter followers I had and it was under 200. That was in the beginning of January of this year and now here it is the middle of March and I have close to 700! It is amazing how Twitter can be used as such a networking tool. I have met so many amazing new friends and learned an exponential amount of information, things I am not being taught in the classroom. My "Klout" score of 46 (this glass is almost half full!) also boasts the prediction that I will be "moving up" and I certainly that hope they are right. Thanks again for inviting me to blog, Howell team. Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon!

  4. amy Howell says:

    Kiersten: This is the exact example I preach daily….Twitter and blogging combined are the keys to a brand's success online. You have demonstrated that by being a guest on my blog, you increased your followers and Klout! this is a case study!! Maybe we should do another blog post about it! Can't wait to have you on board soon. #PowerOfTwitter

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