How long will your digital “footprint” last?

March 21st, 2011   •   2 comments   



This last week, I couldn’t help but think…wow, I’m on a forced “Twitter break” due to lack of wi-fi and any cell service of merit on this remote peninsula called Ft. Morgan. Imagine me without a Twitter fix? So, I found myself totally void of any good cell service. I could tweet a few from a chair directly on the beach but that was certainly not ideal with sand, water, sunscreen and kids to juggle. Thank goodness I have capable staff who can help me in times of isolation. I could not function without them if I were out of service. That being said, we did have some big news break while I was out and managed to handle it just fine.  

Here’s what I learned about myself on my Twitter Break:

  • First and most important: My Twitter friends are REAL. When you are offline and off Twitter, you truly miss your friends (you know who you are)
  • Out of sight is sometimes out of mind: some missed me, some didn’t–true also in real life;
  • Slow down in tweets = slow down of followers….Tweeting daily leads to more activity;
  • Content continues and good tweets go by without you! Yes, Twitter can live without you! 
  • I’m not so hooked as I thought. It’s OK to not tweet for a few days or more. A break is good;
  • Others are there to take your place; Don’t drop out too long. I think the best twitter break duration is a week or so; 
  • it’s ok to “check-in” during a “break”. It helps you appreciate being off for a while;
  • You find out who really misses you:)  I had people saying “I miss Amy”–not a bad feeling;
  • Missing Twitter is like missing good, happy therapy! I am lifted daily by great friends and sweet thoughts (also good content of course) and I missed that. 
  • I believe Twitter makes you a happier, smarter, better person if you follow the best people and why would you ever wanna miss out on their tweets? Twitter is life-prolonging;
  • Tweeting for me nets great information. When I’m on a break, I miss that information;
  • My kids didn’t really say much about my break; I managed to spend lots of time with them but truly, they were off with friends so I had plenty of time–if I wanted–to tweet.  

When you’re gone from Twitter for long, you’re gone….I think Twitter is like “out of sight-out of mind” and that’s why it’s important to keep up–even if only to monitor.  I think our digital footprints are like footprints in the sand–the next big wave will wash them out.  It’s up to you to keep moving to create new paths in the sand and keep the gulf waves from washing you out! Stay fresh, stay fun and stay cool–even if the waves wash you away, create new impressions and stay the Twitter course! 

Thanks for reading this and I’d love to hear your stories about taking a Twitter break and what you learned! 

Best to you all, Amy!


  1. Renee Malove says:

    We missed you. Don't think for a minute we didn't. Glad you enjoyed your Twitter break though!

  2. Amy Howell says:

    Thank you so much Renee! It is amazing the powerful connections I have made through Twitter. Thanks for the sweet comment.

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