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April 1st, 2011   •   6 comments   


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OK, My good friend Mark Schaefer who wrote “The Tao Of Twitter”–on it’s way to being perhaps the best selling business book on Twitter EVER–will tell me my blog sucks because I don’t link too much and it’s boring to view.  Well, yes. He’s right but I don’t care.  My goal in life is not to be “the best blogger” or have “the best blog” or be on any big list.  Actually, I’m on some pretty great lists (boring blog and all–ha). I will surely add a picture to this blog post but right now..this minute. I’m in my loft office downtown and loving reflecting on what’s coming up.  We just finished a great client event and I find myself thinking how lucky I am.  Most of what comes next is that I have great relationships that help my clients THROUGH Twitter.  Amazing the power of Twitter.

Next week I get to travel to see my great friend @AnneDGallaher and @MarkRaganCEO to attend a NASDAQ meeting and ring the stock market closing bell (Mark gets to ring it but, hey, we’ll be there).  The following week I have the distinct pleasure of being on a PR panel at #SoSlam–one of Tennessee’s biggest and most successful social media for business meetings ever. It sold out at 400 tickets.  We could have sold 600. Thanks to @MarkWSchaefer (the brainwave behind it) and @JayBaer for keynoting.  Thanks also to @SMCKnox for all their hard work promoting it.  This has been an inspiration to me and is another great example of the very important people I am meeting through Twitter.

I’ll close by saying that this time last year I also had many high notes–all due to Twitter:  I met and engaged @ChrisBrogan who came to Memphis for a presentation (and rocked the house); I forged a true partnership with @AnneDGallaher and @GlenGilmore (who I work with everyday); Through the generosity of Anne Gallaher, I was invited to Hershey, PA and met the CEO of Ford Motor Co. in real life and had my picture taken with him.  WOW factor.  All of these important relationships because of Twitter.  Can you dig it? I’m so amazed everyday by the power of Twitter and the quality people I am meeting daily. It’s not the content but the relationships that matter.  Who are your Twitter contacts? Can you share your stories?


  1. lori sica says:

    Congratulations on major success! Very inspiring…and listen, headlining the 75 Twitter Badass list is a great achievement initself!! Have to say what a great world Twitter has opened up to me. I started promoting my husband's business less than a year ago, and nowI'm about to launch my own blog! Thanks Amy for sharing,encouraging,promoting and tweeting!! I always look forward to your posts and tweets and the ever growing twitterverse that I am a proud member of!

  2. Amy Howell says:

    Thank you so much LORI! you made my day!

  3. Diana Adams says:

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this. I love it. 🙂

  4. Amy Howell says:

    Sara: Great insights…so glad you are loving the information you can find through Twitter. Your comments remind me of an earlier post I did on Twitter acting as my "Chief Information Officer." Thanks for the comment and for reading my post.

    Diana: You are the example of building such wonderful relationships through Twitter. Co-writing the #BA75 post with you was definitely a highlight of the year! Like the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for reading and for the drop in! HUGS!

  5. Jeff Reed says:

    Amy, I've been threatening my friends and colleagues that I am going to "start a blog any day now". I have a new web site (under construction) and I have my first post finished (in my head). Since I'm attending SoSlam next week I guess I better get started on my post and stop worrying that it won't have all of the things that Mark kids with you about (he got me on Twitter 2 months ago). Amy, your post struck a nerve with me so thank you for the inspiration. I hope to meet you at SoSlam.

  6. Amy Howell says:

    Jeff: wow! I'm sorry I am just now responding to your comment! I guess those few weeks last month were crazy….glad to be inspiring and that–by the way–is a huge, flattering compliment to me. I really take it to heart when someone says I influence them. Cheers and thank you so very much. Let's meet at 2012 SoSlam (it's gonna rock too)

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