Why Twitter will Kill Google + (My opinion)

August 18th, 2011   •   13 comments   

Updated: 8/19

Personally speaking,  I really hate Google Plus. I don’t understand it, I am confused by the different columns and circles…I have people I don’t know trying to circle me (I feel like sharks are there) and I don’t like the Facebook-like feel of it. I believe it’s too late for Google Plus to try and copy Facebook. 

New research out today suggests that Google+ has experienced a lot of growth but that in fact, 83% of users in this beta are INACTIVE and many are college age.  Not my target market for my services but good for someone like a fast food chain or retailers trying to attract young people.

Early adopters win: if you’ve been on Twitter and Facebook for 2 years (and I have) why in the world would you want to add more time consuming tools to your day to day management? I personally do not have time. I’m going to go where the most value and most contacts are with those that engage me. Twitter is that platform and my “weapon of social media choice”.  I love Twitter. There is only so much time in the day. Why waste it on people who don’t open the platform?

Conclusion: I don’t care about private or circle platforms. I love social. I love to share. I don’t want to limit who cares, nor do I care to keep up with who sees what. The beauty of social is open. That’s my story.  That’s why I think Twitter rules…What do you think?


  1. DJ Smith says:

    I think you need to have a better argument than what you've written above. You're talking about a social networking site that is the product of the largest search engine in the world. I don't think Google+ is a Facebook or Twitter killer but it certainly can give them a run for their money. 25 million users in just one month while still in beta is nothing to take lightly. If you can't adapt to change on only stick with what you know, you'll have a boring life and not many options for clients. Embrace change!

  2. cacarr says:

    "I have people I don’t know trying to circle me…"

    Wait, only people you know follow you on Twitter? Why is this a problem for a marketer?

    You say you're confused — obviously so.

  3. Ceri says:

    I am a self-confessed twitter and facebook addict. I would be willing to consider google+ if I could actually try it out. The circles intrigue me because I don't always want to share everything with everyone on my facebook account. Twitter rocks. I just wish more of my friends were on Twitter.

  4. Amy Howell says:

    Wow! Thanks for the input. Good points by all!

  5. Leo G says:

    Marketing Pros have to go where the audiences are and right now that's Twitter and FB.

    Come 2012 you'll have no choice because the masses and the corps will all be at Google+. The movement is already in that direction. You don't have to be an early adopter, but believing that a megaphone (twitter) will win out over an ever expanding social network that respects the end users privacy is a mistake.

    G+ is hoping to give corps a bigger better social experience than anywhere else on the planet (unless that's face to face of course). Hang in there and wait for the corps release — I'm sure you'll be back big time… 😉

  6. cacarr says:

    You're about to get some traffic (and grief) because Mike Elgan called you out (and made fun of you a bit) on G+ — sort of a "clueless marketer fails at argument and thinks she's a representative sample" post.

  7. Amy Howell says:

    Thanks all…Yeah, I hear it all. What is amazing is that nobody–smart or successful–can possibly embrace all of these tools. Time will limit what you can do on the social space. Additionally, I can run a PR/Marketing/Social media firm just fine because I can HIRE people that know more about Google+ than I do. All the comments assume that just because I don't like it and it is confusing to me that I wouldn't have the smarts to figure out that I'd need somebody who would. I won't be hiring any snarky (oh I mean Sharky), mean people though, that's for sure!

  8. Amy

    You deleted my first comment. All I was saying is that I was sad that you were not embracing Google+. I learned a lot from your posts on twitter and thought you would be a natural on Google + . Google had some failures in the past, but one thing about this company is they are persistent and in time, they will be the leader in social media. It is just a matter of time.


  9. Amy Howell says:

    Brent: Thank you so much. To be clear, I am ON Google+ and I have used it…I just don't think it does much FOR ME. That is just my opinion–not the law of the land–and while I don't knock others for liking it, it's just not there yet for me and my clients. If it does change…and my clients want to be there, trust me, we will. Thank you for the kindness too.

  10. I am disappointed with the acrimonious tone of some of the comments you've received. I appreciate your vantage point, Amy; many of us find that running/growing a business, and keeping tabs on technology, evaluating each tool on its merits, is challenging. I don't think you're saying Google+ has no value, but that at this point in time you're finding other social media outlets more valuable to you.

    Like auto shopping, some folks are just social media tire-kickers. Some of us swear by Consumer Reports, while others rely on their social circles for information upon which to make a decision. So you took a drive, Amy, and decided not to buy the car. Me too! Perhaps when I see others for whom I have respect choose this particular car, I'll re-evaluate my decision. Frankly, I'd rather be riding with you, with the gas pedal being pressed by one of those Texas boots.

  11. Amy Howell says:

    Kathy: Thank you so much for the support. One of the toughest things to do is own and run a small business–with employees. The funny thing to me is that my client base demands where I spend my time. None of them so far–seem to care about Google+. The mainstream business tools seem to be LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. You-Tube for some. I think if I were Google, I'd pay attention to what business owners and advisors are saying. If small businesses are the back bone of our economy, I have my finger on the pulse daily as I interact and help my clients win. It's tough to earn your paycheck everyday and then turn around and pay other people. Thanks for dropping in to comment. You rock!!

  12. Kiersten says:

    Amy, I'm happy to be your eyes and ears!

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