Top 4 Ways to Tell Your Story via the New Facebook Timeline

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 1. Once upon a time, like every great story, there was a beginning, of course some are a bit more entertaining than others, but there is always a foundation. Dig deep into the archives and share your brands story.

Include the first thought you and your partners engraved on paper, share the first awkward handshake of agreement, incorporate your first ribbon cuttings and printed signs, and note the first crumbled up dollar bill that was displayed in your office.

Share it all.

With the new layout and functionalities of the Facebook timeline you can go back in history and grab those unique milestones that have made you who you are today. Tell your story more visually through words, images, audio and video.

Some great examples of businesses sharing their story from the beginning are:

Tip: Make sure your content is accurate and as authentic as possible.


2. When you visit your business or brand page you will see four beautiful tabs under that extravagant cover photo that immediately tells YOUR story. In addition to those four tabs are eight other slots called “applications.” One of those applications is “events.” Show your fans where you have been throughout your history. These events can be grand openings, key visits from influential leaders, conferences, trade shows, team building events, networking events, product and service launches, employee additions, social gatherings and award ceremonies.

Some excellent examples of featured events in your timeline can be found via:

Tip: Observe how your story starts, how it accelerates, and how and where the transitions occur. If simplifying or adapting a story, do not alter the essential story line. Keep your visual images consistent to align with your brand.


3.  The People are the Company.  Let your fans know who built your establishment. Include founders, staff, volunteers, births, those who have passed, owners, awardees, partnerships and other key stakeholders that have made a difference in your company.

Examples of business pages who are including key influential leaders within their company are:



4. As mentioned earlier, a great way to help tell YOUR story is to share how far along your product(s) and services have come. Just take a second and look around at how technology has changed every part of our lives –how we sleep, what we eat, and how we buy and sale, communicate, advertise, and educate our children.

Technology has changed how we do business and more importantly how fast we do business. We can instantly respond to our audiences needs and wants.

What product/service did you initially offer your fans and how was it changed? Show your fans through photographs of the “then and now” and share relative articles and videos that capture those changes.  Check out some product examples from these top brands.

Examples of businesses sharing their initial products and services and the technological changes along the way are:

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