One Hero Deserves Another: Baptist Memorial Health Care Steps Up to Help Hit & Run Victim

May 31st, 2012   •   14 comments

My previous post about Shannon Parker’s hit and run accident (where you can find more detail here) has received traffic and attention, and thankfully, there are many wonderful Good Samaritans out there who are stepping up to help this woman. The tragic irony in all of this is that she pushed her friend out of the vehicle’s path and was hit square on by a hit and run driver with a past. Such contrasting stories, these two women (but that’s another story).



One of the Good Samaritans stepping up in a big way is Baptist Memorial Health Care who is donating services to help Shannon get back on her feet—literally. As I write this post, she is still at The MED, still cannot walk and needs round the clock help with day to day activities. She requires two shots daily to manage her blood count to dissolve a blood clot in her lung from the accident. Recently without a job, Shannon has no insurance and without assistance, would be in a desperate situation. Her friends are raising money for her, but anyone who has had multiple surgeries and hospital stays can tell you, it costs a lot to have surgeries. The MED is a wonderful resource to our community and obviously a much needed trauma center, and they took good care of Shannon. But when it’s time to be released, and you can’t walk or take care of yourself, where do you go? Thanks to Baptist Memorial Health Care and their team, Shannon is going to be in great hands. Baptist heard her story and responded.

“Our calling is to help heal the sick, and Shannon is the real hero here,” said Stephen Reynolds, President and CEO of Baptist Memorial Health Care. “We just feel it’s the right thing to do, and we admire her courage to save someone else’s life and risk her own. That is a selfless person,” he said.

Baptist is in the process of working with the MED to transition Shannon to a Baptist facility pending an assessment of what she needs in the next few weeks. The hope is with Baptist working with her, the rehab will be fast, and the care will be excellent. My mom was in the Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown center last year, and I can tell you, it was an exceptional experience in every way. Recently, my husband had rotator cuff surgery  there, and they could not have been any better. Baptist Memorial Health Care is committed to excellent patient care. Not only do they care for patients, but the whole family. So, as a recent consumer of Baptist’s services, I’m qualified to weigh in on this (and NO, BMH is not paying me). Additionally, my relationship with Baptist goes back to when Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto was built because I worked for the architectural firm that designed all the BMH hospitals and POBs (Physician Office Buildings). I have sat next to Steve Reynolds at Ducks Unlimited dinners and watched as BMH has been a huge community supporter in so many ways. They are just good people—that’s the bottom line. When we talked about Shannon and how we could help her, the words out of one executive’s mouth was “it’s the right thing to do.” That’s the most refreshing story I’ve heard, and we need more of this in Memphis. THANK YOU Baptist and your incredible team. We know you’ll be taking good care of Shannon, and we’ll be blogging about her recovery.

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Media Statement:
The media has been contacting Shannon about the specifics of the accident, and at this time, Shannon has no comment as she is focused 100 % on her complete recovery. We respectfully request that the media give Shannon the time and space she needs to focus on being positive as she is in tremendous pain. She has asked that all media inquiries be directed to Howell Marketing.

This post by Amy Howell is the second in a blog series.


  1. Bonita Elam says:

    Amy, This is amazing! Praying for sweet Shannon’s recovery.

  2. Bill says:

    What a blessing. Good folks.

  3. Tamra says:

    Amy, thank you and your team for working with Shannon to get the rehab she needs. I have been friends with Shannon for some time. However, I worked for Baptist Rehabilitation in Germantown as a Clinical Marketing Liaison and I have seen them perform miracles. This is truly a blessing and I thank you and Baptist for stepping up to the plate to help such a wonderful person. God Bless you and Baptist for your kindness and support.

  4. Amy Howell says:

    Bonita, thank you. Bill, thank you too! Tamra, this is awesome to hear and you are so kind to say so. BMH is a special family. I’ve seen it for 20+ years. From the top down, BMH is the real deal. Obviously their actions here speak louder than words;))) thank you for the comments!

  5. Shannon says:

    I must say, this has been one crazy roller coaster ride at an amusement park no one would want to attend…For the last two weeks, I have been in the care of The MED, trying to understand what happened, what’s wrong with me, and basically coming to grips with the fact that things can and do, literally, change in an instant.

    Yesterday (06012012), I was able to, through the grace of God, come home…an altered home, but home, nonetheless…Altered in that the Baptist Memorial Healthcare good fairies, if you will, swooped in and helped recreate my home environment into one much more amenable to my current set of circumstances.

    The MED and its people were fantastic to me – their care and handling beyond reproach; but it’s time for the next step on this road to recovery (step – I’m so punny…)…

    This next step consists of more Baptist Memorial Healthcare good fairies coming here, to my home, evaluating me, determining the best plan of action, and getting me going on that course. After I am able to bear weight and stand reasonably unassisted, I will then be able to enter rehab so that Baptist Rehabilitation can help me learn to walk again.

    I don’t know the who, what, when, where, or whys of how Baptist learned about my predicament, much less what led them to take me on as a patient, so that I will, eventually, be able to function back in the ‘regular’ world, but I am ever so grateful. All I can tell you is that if this had not happened, I really don’t know what would have become of me. It’s very frightening to think that essentially your life is over, due to the actions of another person, but that is pretty much where I was these last two weeks…and then this miracle…I’m still sore…still scared…still upset…but I have hope…and I thank Baptist for that.

  6. FPARKER says:

    Shannon,Darling, this whole event could have been far more tragic; I am SO Very Thankful for the wonderful care you received at the MED and now the followup in-home services provided by the Baptist Healthcare group!

    You are Truly Blessed!

    Hang in there and take everything One Day at a Time…

    Get Well Soon !

    ALL my LOVE, FUF

  7. Amy Howell says:

    Shannon! Thanks for the greatness. You are going to be better than ever in no time. Thank you for the response. We need a # for BMH !

  8. Mike McKinney says:

    I too am thankful that BMH was able to do this for you!
    Obviously the cost involved is a huge blessing. Beyond that, the logistics of doing it could take a lot of time. Time that you need to just rest and focus on healing. BMH allowed you that as well.
    All of your friends are here to make sure you have the support you need and we have no doubt that when the time comes you will be running circles around us all.

    Proud member of Team Shannon

  9. Michael Flaherty says:

    I haven’t known Shannon but for a short period of time. Basically started when I told her one day she was slacking on Twitter with her weekly wednesday “Slide to the Weekend” posts. I also made the mistake of comparing her to other ladies out there, which she certainly is not. What she has taught me, along with daily words of the day, is that she is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. During my visit with her at the MED, even with her pain she was concerned how I was. Truly an inspriation. Speedy recovery my ginger pal. I thank Shannon and Amy plus all the other wonderful people who I interact with on twitter.

  10. Amy Howell says:

    Mike & Mike: thank you for the kind words & friendship. Also thanks for taking time to share your words here! Let’s get our girl back to her old self! Team Shannon is great!

  11. Claire Hick says:

    Amy, we are honored to step in to help a real hero like Shannon who put her life and health in front of saving someone elses. John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Shannon did that. While I’m not on the clinical side at Baptist Memorial Health Care, I see first-hand the help they give to those who need it most every day. Thank you, Amy, for leading the effort to help heroes like Shannon. Your work is an inspiration to all of us.

  12. Amy Howell says:

    Claire: I am humbled & honored by your sweet comment! All I did was what I thought was awesome: connect a hero with the best ~ BMH. Shannon is the real hero. I can’t imagine what she went through to literally save her friend. I joke that one of the reasons she’s alive is that she’s 6′ tall! Here’s to the good guys. Let’s keep it going!

  13. Kiersten Bagley says:

    I am so honored to be a part of a company that helps lift up others in need in such a powerful way! Wishing Shannon the swiftest of recoveries and I am confident that BMHCC will provide the best possible care.

  14. Amy Howell says:

    Thank you Kiersten! I am proud to have you on the Team Howell! Let’s keep this positivity going. Heaven only knows we need more of it!

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