How to be a #Twitter Badass

August 20th, 2012   •   10 comments   

Since my friend Diana Adams (aka @adamsconsulting on Twitter) and I created a list of “badass women on Twitter” I often get this question: “How do I become a Twitter badass?” Recently, I had to cram some new information into my Twitter bio so I dropped my “Twitter badass” from it. A CMO I really like tweeted to me: “Hey Amy, why did you drop the badass in your bio? It’s my favorite part of the bio.” Needless to say, I added it right back and now I wondered what I was thinking (or not thinking) when I edited that. The things that make the community of women in this category so qualified are numerous. So, here goes. What makes someone a “Twitter Badass”:

1. You must tweet a lot, often and engage with those who reach out to you.
2. You must have relevant and timely tweets and content.
3. You must be kind and gracious to others–unless someone really deserves it, then you stand up.
4. You are a good connector to others online and quick to make introductions.
5. You care more about others than yourself. This is true of the #BA75 community–a common but real thread.
6. You don’t like it when David Letterman says he doesn’t get Twitter. Come on, Dave! Even Betty White gets it.
7. People follow you because you have stuff to say that matters.
8. You aren’t afraid to stand out, stand up, preach and promote (there are many worthy causes on Twitter).
9. You collect followers and you follow them back (exceptions: bots, spam, porn, snake oil, etc.).
10. Your kids know that tweeting is part of your daily routine; you are what you tweet!

What makes you a Twitter Badass?


  1. Great post Amy. You are the definition of a Twitter Badass! Authentic, generous, and FUN! I think what would make me a badass would be people like yourself. Being part of an amazing community brings out the best in each person. It becomes about the “we” not the “me”

    And it COMPLETELY offends me when Letterman says that!! lol 😉

  2. Amy Howell says:

    Joyce! Thanks so much for the comments! I love this community of women I am not making time to meet IRL (like you). Can’t wait to see you soon I hope! And yes, Letterman should have us on his show to show him how to Tweet like a badass! LOL.

  3. Susan Young says:

    Congratulations, Amy on maintaining your Badass status! A wonderful post and a most deserving title for you! I have my esteemed status on my business cards! Rock on my friend :)) xxooo

  4. Amy howell says:

    Susan! Thank you! It’s a fun post & refreshing departure from the business posts but goes hand in hand with business. It’s all about engagement. Thanks Susan. You are a badass yourself my Texas friend!

  5. Irene Gianos says:

    Hi Amy! I’m a fairly newby at Twitter, I know its SO important in helping me grow my blog and making connections…. How do I do it to where it doesn’t consume me and I’m not always on my phone or on the computer? Other than Hootsuite … To engage means I need to be on it always looking and reading… With so many other things going on, how do we do that?? I know it’s such an elementary question, but I want to learn from a BADASS! 🙂 xoxo

  6. Amy Howell says:

    Irene: It is a GREAT question! And here’s my honest answer: It’s tough as heck! I tell people that I couldn’t do Twitter if my kids were infants. Alas, they are teens so they would rather not talk to me (not really but they are way more independent now) as much. It is a true balance. Here are my tips: Ignore the time wasters and you’ll figure this out, stay focused on tweeting 80% of what you want to be known for, engage with like minds (I’ve really had to tune out negativity) and use tools to help you. I don’t schedule tweets but my staff does for some of our clients. My personal account is all me. Nobody posts for my account but me. I also have good help now and a team that supports me. One last tip: set time limits for Twitter. I’m usually on strong early am, check it midday and then at night (once my kids have had enough of Mommy time). It’s sort of like the news cycle: Morning, noon and night. That way I don’t miss much! Keep at it! Twitter is BADASS!

  7. I would like to apply for the next edition, is there a badderass class? Ha ha

  8. Elissapr says:

    Amy! I was looking forward to seeing this post today after you poromoted it on facebook! I so love the Badass moniker – it’s a great way to intro my social media expertise – people love it. It also makes me sound a lot younger than I am!

  9. heykim says:

    thanks for the heads up on the terrific post. I still have NO clue how I was lucky enough to be one of the #BA75- but there is not a day that goes by that I am not HONOURED and grateful to be included with such an amazing group of women.
    ~ Kim

  10. Amy howell says:

    Ellen: I think your idea of glittered cape is super! Elissa, you are young! And thank goodness you act like it;) Kim, thanks and I feel the same way! Thanks y’all for the comments!

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