#Klout is catching on!

November 15th, 2012   •   1 comment   


Thanks to @LaurenLeeFox13 of Fox News Memphis for this interview with me about Klout and how people are warming up to this metric of scoring influence online (link to Fox story). As many of you know, my friend @MarkWSchaefer wrote a book about it which I would encourage everyone to go read called “Return on Influence“–the story of Klout and how people are being identified by brands as “influencers” and, most importantly, how these people are using their influence to create revenue.

According to Mark’s book, the theory is that if you are “likable” in real life, it will be evident online and that your personality can transfer online. The key for me to online posting and Klout scoring is engagement with people. It’s all about relationships and taking to people online. Then, if you are really good, turning those online contacts into valuable real life contacts–I have blogged about this a lot so you can read previous posts here. I often say on Twitter that if you don’t like people, you might not like social media. Brands are looking at Klout scores as a key indicator of one’s ability to communicate online and drive influence. I think the second key to success is good content. If you are engaging AND you produce great content and information, people are more likely to follow you and re-post your information. I tell clients to get on these sites to claim your space online. Tell your own story or someone else will do it for you.

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  1. Ian Cleary says:

    Hi Amy,

    My wife complimented me on an e-mail I sent out to some subscribers the other day as she said that e-mail reflected the type of person I am. I just love fun and humor so I introduce some of this online. So I agree that being yourself works and if you like having fun there’s no reason why you can’t have it online!

    All the best,


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