Why ‘Likes’ on Social Media Sites Matter

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Blog_LikeHave you noticed a pattern in individuals who actually ‘like’ your content on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.? I have and I’m sure Facebook has, but what is intriguing to me is the psychology behind this now common and almost daily activity. When I see someone who likes my link or photo, I stop and think about them for a second. That’s pretty powerful. If you are honest, you think, “Oh, hey there’s Dana again, liking my stuff.” Or, “Oh, that sweet Molly.” You get the drift. My point is that when you take the time to click like on someone’s post, it means you will cross his or her mind that day—hopefully.

There are users that are so active on channels or of some notoriety that they get so many likes, they may not have time to think about their community of friends and followers. I have been thinking about this now for a while, and it is fascinating to me what people will like and, more intriguing, who will like it. Do you have some really close friends in real life that text you and call you but NEVER acknowledge your stuff online? Do you have friends who will only like or comment on something if it strikes a cord with them? Do you have friends who you can count on to like just about everything you post? If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone.

Here are my top reasons we should join the ‘like’ revolution and go ahead and take a moment to click that button or double tap other people’s posts:

  1. You will cross their mind that day and they will think about you. Note: that could be a good thing or not, I’m just saying.
  2. In my opinion, it creates good vibes in your community stream—love and happiness.
  3. It provides positive encouragement for the person posting.
  4. People will likely like your stuff right back.
  5. You benefit from the feedback—what others in the community post/like/comment.
  6. You can start to see common denominators in the stream and those people may become new contacts.
  7. It reinforces the importance of engagement—which is what social is all about.

So, my advice is don’t just stalk and scroll. While you are at it, go ahead and like what you see out there! The results might surprise you!

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