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June 12th, 2014   •   8 comments   

Hopefully she won’t kill me for revealing her age, but I know she is proud of it, or at least proud of all she has accomplished so far. Among many things, Amy is a preacher’s daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom of 2, a successful business owner, a speaker, a social media guru, a co-author of Women in High Gear  and she is also my boss. I have worked for Amy a little over 4 years now and during my time with her, I have not only learned these things about her, but a few other things from her as well. I’ve learned that pearls on a leather strap go with any outfit. I’ve learned that cowboy boots are the most comfortable shoes (ever!)… and they also go with any outfit. I’ve learned that golf carts can drive on two wheels and they can also flip over. I’ve learned that expensive wine tastes much better than cheap wine. I’ve learned that September is the best time to visit the beach. I’ve learned that a gallon size plastic bag tucked inside the driver door of your car is the best place to keep extra change and spare bullets, in case you need to feed the meter or your gun. I’ve also learned that the best way to take a “selfie” is to hold the camera up high so you can only see one chin at a time. The silly list and fun things I’ve learned from Amy could go on forever!

In all seriousness, I’ve learned that Amy is a hard worker and 100% dedicated to the success of her clients and their businesses.  She is not afraid to speak up and voice her opinions, of which she has many, and she tells it like it is.  She is a giver, not a taker, and one of the most generous people I know. She has taught me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. You can achieve any goal you set, whether by yourself or with a little help from your friends. I know she has had more than a little help along the way so I have enlisted a few of those folks to help me share with you just a few more reasons why Amy Howell is great!

Sorry for the long post, but there are a lot of people who love Amy! This should give her a little reading material for the beach (where she is celebrating this week!)

50 reasons Amy is GREAT on her 50th birthday, from 50 people who know and love her: 

(Some silly, some serious but all true!)

1. Amy is a force to be reckoned with! – Dotty Summerfield Giusti

2. Amy is filled with creativity and energy and has promised to help me with Go Red for Women. Love you Girl!- Anita Vaughn

3. Amy is great because she has a kind heart, always a “can do” attitude, and she loves to go to the lake like I do!- Diana Kelly

4. Amy is great because she embraces with enthusiasm all of life’s opportunities, whether at work, at home or, hopefully, on the beach. Happy 50th Amy. Thanks for all you do! Donna Abney

5. Amy is a living, breathing case study on how to super-connect on the web. Armed with nothing more than a Twitter handle and her winning personality she has weaved a tapestry of meaningful relationships that will last forever. I love her like a sister. Who wouldn’t? – Mark Schaefer

6. Amy is great because she is a true friend and will wear her cowboy boots anywhere -literally!!! Black tie, Blue jean on a horse, on beach …. Love that about her! Kim MacQueen

7. I love my mom because she supports my interests and encourages me to stay true to my passions- Bryan Howell

8. Amy is great because she is true to her work, her word, her family and friends- Fadi Kiameh

9. Amy leads a great team, & Howell Marketing helps make our ASI team better!- Jack Dewald

10 .”Amy Lou” as I call her, has an abundance of energy, talent, kindness and compassion and a heart full of laughter!!- Leslie Schutt

11. I think she is super cool because she is a connector and an advocate for women. She looks for ways to support the growth of the women around her. Not to mention I am grateful to call her my friend.- Dana Burkett

12. Amy is just plain great! Her energy, commitment, beliefs and willingness to jump in and help in business, friendship or charity is the reason I consider her a friend first!!! Scott Fuelling

13. Amy is great because she is the ultimate “influencer/connector”, having the unique gift to connect the right two people at the right time, impacting their business or personal lives forever.- Steve Weaver

14. Happy 50th Birthday, I hope you have a great day with sand between your toes…..- Michael Hatcher

15. Amy is a pleasure to work with – she is plugged into all things Memphis and all things social media! A great colleague and resource, and an even better person.-Chad Gilbert

16. Amy is awesome because she loves putting people together that otherwise may not cross paths- Rusty Linkous

17. Amy doesn’t need a social network to be a first-rate social networker. Amy is my kind of southern lady. She’s as comfortable eating a five-star meal on white linen tablecloth as she is eating grilled deer loin on a wooden picnic table. I’ve never known Amy to back down from a challenge or an opportunity (or a reporter who can’t seem to get the story right)- Eric Epperson

18. I met my dear friend Amy on Twitter and was thrilled to be a part of the history-making gathering she coordinated, #BroganMemphis. Perhaps my favorite adjective to describe Amy is generous; she is superbly smart, loyal, professional, a southern charmer and dedicated to her faith and family. Here’s to one of THE Women in High Gear #WiHG; long may she reign, wearing those big Texas boots!!- Kathy Snavely

19. Happy Birthday to my BOLD friend who is never afraid of taking action and supporting others. She believes in her friends and makes us feel special. Hope your 50th keeps a smile on your face all year!! Much love- Mary Singer

20. Amy is the best, she is selfless and is always thinking about how she can help and connect others. She lives out the creed of God is first, others second, I am third. And she always puts her family first. Amy is a great example for us all.- Kemp Conrad

21. You are the sister I never had and a real treasure in my life. All the best on this fantastic day- Paul Chandler

22. I think mom is great because she has leadership and perseverance and she always has everyone’s best interest in mind.- Abby Howell

23. Amy is great because she imports Horny Goat Weed from Decatur County and shares it with her friends.- Scott & Nada Fountain

24. Amy is great because she takes no nonsense and isn’t afraid to be heard (or give others a voice). She stands up for herself, those around her and, above all, what is right. She’s also pretty great a choosing wines!- Kiersten Bagley

25. I love Amy because she is who she is.- Heather Donaho

26. I love Amy because: She’s not a blonde| She’s a Texan | She wears cowboy boots | She can stop a barge | She can spit through her teeth…far! Just ask Fred Smith! | She can shoot a gun | She’s a straight shooter! | She can drive a boat! | She buys ‘horny goat weed’ | She loves Cross-eyed Cricket! | She’ll have a cocktail even though it’s not close to cocktail hour! |She can be kidnapped easily! | She drives a golf cart with cowhide seats! | She can make great prank phone calls! | She loves sombreros…| gasoline… | and bottle rockets. Usually, all together! | She doesn’t bitch about my driving | She doesn’t get to upset when I put firecrackers under her bed in the middle of the night | She makes a mean spaghetti! |She would be the first to get me out of jail…if she wasn’t with me! | She can out drink me. | She’ll go fishing with me | Cowboys are her favorite football team | She loves TCU | She’s always ready for a road trip |She loves TEXAS! | She is a preacher’s daughter! | She is a river rat! | She can drive as fast as an ambulance driver! | She can stay calm in a crisis! | She throws the best parties! | She’s always ready for a party! | She’ll spend all day on the river with me | She laughs at my jokes | She has the Downtown Police under her control! | She has the TWRA under her control! | She doesn’t snore. Hmm…maybe she does | She loved the Queen EFFN Mary! | She loves our kids! | Our kids love her! | She loyal! | She generous! | She’s brilliant!! | She’s a hard worker! | She’s a fabulous mother! | She’s a devoted friend to all! | She’s the sister I never had! | She’s the best friend one could ever have! | I LOVE HER!- Bridget Trenary

27. There are way MORE than 50 Reasons to Love Amy Howell, but mine is for inviting and welcoming me to Memphis, from Toronto, to meet up with the reigning rulers of the social world at #BroganMemphis, in real life. It was a life-changing, friend-making opportunity for which I will always be grateful, and never forget. HB Amy #yourock! –Deborah Weinstein

28. Amy is great for a number of reasons but let’s focus on a simple but meaningful few: optimistic, kind, generous, and smart! I adore her and am so happy to call her my friend.  Happy 50th!- Patti Clauss

29. As both a client and friend Amy Howell has the unique ability to combine cutting edge technology for business and the personal touch of social media for friendships and networking. -Mike McManus

30. My dear Amy, is my most generous and enthusiastic friend when celebrating or planning. She even came to my rescue in the darkness to “save me” from the panther in Costa Rica! haha! I “heart” her funny pranks and good spirit to all that know her. Happy Birthday to my dear and darling friend, Amy! Love you! XOXO...Mona Sappenfield

31. Happy 50th birthday, Amy! One of the best ROIs of social media for me has been the opportunity to connect with amazing friends like you. From Twitter to meetups to co-authors to WiHG business partners—you have been a blessing! Turning 50 brings a host of high gear opportunities, and I expect you’ll take your business into overdrive now! Cheers to one of my dearest friends and the consummate Woman in High Gear! XXOO Anne Gallaher

32. Amy is great because she gets stuff done! And because she looks so cool rollin’ Downtown in her Howell Cart.- Paul Morris

33. Amy is great because she’s a doer. I can’t have anything but the highest respect for someone who gets some much done for her business, family, and volunteer efforts- James Hutto

34. I think she is great because she wears cowboy boots with everything!- Matt Patrick


36. Amy motivates other women to take chances. That’s one of the many reasons I admire her. It’s much easier to go through life sitting back and waiting for opportunities, but Amy is an example how women can put ideas into action with amazing results. Happy 50th, Amy, and I believe the best is yet to come!-Claire Hick

37. I am so fortunate to be able to work with such a smart and savvy businesswoman as yourself. You found your passion and you never looked back! Thank you for trailblazing and inspiring a future generation of women leaders. Happy 50th Birthday #BA!- Melissa Alexander

38. Amy Howell, you are the rockin’ PR Queen of the South and an amazing Woman in High Gear! Happy Birthday!- Marisa Corser

39. Why is Amy the BEST?! Let me count the ways! Smart, talented, funny, fun, loyal, caring, thoughtful, generous, beautiful inside and out, and the list goes on & on!!! I feel blessed to call her my friend! –Jennifer Chandler

40. A Texan in Memphis, Amy is a bit larger than life. It goes far beyond the boots she wears or her Southern twang. It has everything to do with her devotion to her family, her faith, her city, her friends – and, always, to her clients. She can be counted on to give her all in everything she does for everyone she meets. I’m honored that for several years now, I have been part of the Howell Marketing family, the City of Memphis, and, most importantly, the Howell family (honorary). Happy Birthday, Amy! xoxo Glen Gilmore

41. I appreciate your ability to connect people to each other for the benefit of those you are connecting and not yourself. Happy 50th, the best it yet to come!!!- Jim Walker

42. Amy cares about people! She puts her personality and perspective to work on their behalf. Happy Fiftieth!!- Norman Hill

43. Happy Big ‘Five-0h’! So glad that our paths have crossed. You totally ROCK! Eat some oysters for me!!- Ernie Mellor

44. Why is Amy Howell great? Hmmmm. . .  Well, let me give it a shot. Amy is loyal and honest to a fault. Amy’s work ethic is unmatched, yet she manages to find time to play. Amy has built a company from scratch while managing to be a present, active, and awesome mom. Amy loves Memphis, and she is a tireless promoter of a city that is sometimes difficult to promote. Amy is a great friend that seems truly selfless in her willingness to help others. Happy 50th Amy!! You are the best. –Bryan Smith

45. Amy is great because she’s just as awesome IRL as she is on Twitter! She brings amazing women together and inspires SO many- we southern girls have to stick together! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!- Melissa Stewart

46. Amy is better than sliced bread and sweeter than a dozen Twinkies. Happy Birthday- Lisa Busby

47. Amy couldn’t help but be GREAT because of her amazing parents!  Not only is she beautiful, talented, super-intelligent, energetic, logical and FUN, she brings out the best in all of us!- Mickie Nabers

48. What can I say about my friend Amy? She is truly a woman in High Gear, even before she and Anne wrote the book. She is… Hard working,  Impressive,  Generous and Hip. Gutsy, Energetic, Artsy and Resourceful. Happiest of birthdays! Much love- Alys Drake

49. I love Amy because she makes each and every day an adventure causing me to relish life.- Jim Howell

50. Amy is a precious person with the biggest heart.- Mom & Dad

51. One to grow on: Amy is Great because she realizes if she helps enough people get where they want to go, she’ll get where she wants to go faster and with a lot more fun & satisfaction along the way. Plus she’s keeping herself and others in High Gear to get there!- Mickey & Judy McLellan



With love- Lacey &  Friends


Share your birthday wish with Amy in the comments section and let’s keep the list going!


  1. Amy Howell says:

    LACEY!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! What a sweet and appropriate idea to wake up to in my Twitter feed! Thank you from the bottom of my 50 year old heart!!!! Thank you all of my wonderful friends and clients whom I love dearly. You guys make life worth living!!! Love you all and thank you Lacey for the best birthday gift ever! #50ROCKS

  2. Kudos, Lacey; you done real good! Honored to be among such great folks with excellent insights!

  3. Lacey says:

    Well, I figured your couldn’t “kill” me for hijacking your block or revealing your age from 450+ miles away. Love you and hope you have a fabulous day celebrating on the beach! xoxo- Lacey

  4. Jaimie Field says:

    This is a great and well deserved tribute. I have had the distinct pleasure of spending one of my birthdays with Amy and I wish I could be there to celebrate this one with her.

  5. Angie Pettinger says:


    I hope your day is filled with many more wonderful blessings! What a fabulous tribute to your #50. Happy Birthday!

  6. Marc says:

    That was spot on. Nice Lacey. Happy Birthday Amy!

  7. Molly says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a woman who has taught me what high gear means and how important it is in our lives and our communities. Happy birthday Amy! Glad the weather on 30A cooperated to give you an amazing day with your nearest and dearest.

  8. Amy Howell says:

    Thank you all! Just got in from the beach to see these comments! I have the best friends and clients in the world!

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