Why Facebook “Opt Out” Posts Are Useless

October 18th, 2013   •   1 comment   

photoYet another privacy scam is going around Facebook News Feed. Yes, this is indeed a scam. When signing up for a Facebook account, you are accepting the legal terms, including the privacy policy as outlined by Facebook. Those legal terms state that, “you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).”

You cannot alter your acceptance of that agreement, nor can you restrict the rights of entities who are not parties to that agreement, simply by posting a notice to your Facebook account.

If you would like to opt out of Facebook using your photos in their advertising, you’ll have to delete your account. The only way to manage your privacy settings while keeping your account is through the “Privacy Settings and Tools.”

Sites like Facebook and Google are permitted to use your likeness because you agreed to their terms of service when opting in and creating an account on the site.

“The terms of service for Facebook, Google and other internet companies include a clause that give them the right to modify their terms from time to time. When you receive an “update,” that’s what is happening — the companies are letting you know the rules have changed and, if you don’t like it, you can quit.” [Source]

Read more about the Facebook privacy scam, here.

Post contributed by Kiersten Bagley.

A Message from Jack Sammons #MEMfly

October 10th, 2013   •   no comments   

Nice to see good news on flight choice and additions to our Memphis International Airport! Here is an update from Jack Sammons that I wanted to share. I am also excited to see Southern Airways Express (our client flying out of local FBO’s) expanding to other markets such as Atlanta, Birmingham and New Orleans. If you are reading some of the local magazines around town, you may notice some of their route ads. I have flown on their planes several times now and can tell you the experience has been awesome. No bag fees. No TSA security screenings. No arriving at the airport an hour+ early. No parking fees. Flying on their planes is like flying first class with eight other passengers. There is not a bad seat on the plane! For more information, visit www.iFlySouthern.com. Now, here’s an update from Jack…

“This weekend I attended the 2013 ROUTES Conference which is where all the major airlines and airports around the world gather for two days of “speed dating.” Our new President, Scott Brockman, and I had an opportunity to meet with the network decision makers of every airline we are soliciting service at MEM. The meetings were very productive. The challenge for all airports is a shortage of aircraft. The older, less efficient planes have been retired to the desert in the current high fuel cost environment.   

After years of courting Southwest Airlines, our friends from Dallas finally arrives MEM in three weeks. We are on a mission – relentless pursuit of frequent affordable air service to MEM. Stay tuned.”

Jack Sammons
Chairman, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

Why ‘Likes’ on Social Media Sites Matter

September 24th, 2013   •   no comments   

Blog_LikeHave you noticed a pattern in individuals who actually ‘like’ your content on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.? I have and I’m sure Facebook has, but what is intriguing to me is the psychology behind this now common and almost daily activity. When I see someone who likes my link or photo, I stop and think about them for a second. That’s pretty powerful. If you are honest, you think, “Oh, hey there’s Dana again, liking my stuff.” Or, “Oh, that sweet Molly.” You get the drift. My point is that when you take the time to click like on someone’s post, it means you will cross his or her mind that day—hopefully.

There are users that are so active on channels or of some notoriety that they get so many likes, they may not have time to think about their community of friends and followers. I have been thinking about this now for a while, and it is fascinating to me what people will like and, more intriguing, who will like it. Do you have some really close friends in real life that text you and call you but NEVER acknowledge your stuff online? Do you have friends who will only like or comment on something if it strikes a cord with them? Do you have friends who you can count on to like just about everything you post? If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone. read more

A message from Memphis and Shelby County Airport Authority’s Chairman, Jack Sammons

September 4th, 2013   •   10 comments   

image003 This week, Delta Airlines announced further cuts in flights at Memphis International Airport and thereby “de-hubbing” Memphis leaving our Airport Authority and regional passengers hoping for friendlier skies ahead. I have written a lot about this topic over the past few years and feel strongly that vibrant cities with robust economies have strong airports and air services to their respective markets. For Memphis to remain a competitive city, capitalizing on key economic development opportunities and attracting talent and young people, we must have more choices and more airlines serving Memphis. Jack Sammons, recently appointed to lead our MSCAA’s Board is working diligently—and doing the best he can to stay positive—to court other carriers and demonstrate the willingness of the community to support them.

Here is a message from Jack I thought I’d share here… Please get on board with promoting both Southern Airways (a client of mine) and Southwest Airlines (a huge opportunity for us). read more

7 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming PR Graduates

August 21st, 2013   •   no comments   

koalifications-meme-animals-zonePost by Kiersten Bagley

As a young professional, I have been asked countless times about how and why I entered the field of public relations. I am always humbled to tell my story and do hope that it offers some type of assistance to soon-to-be graduates. With the fall semester ramping up, here is some advice to undergraduates on their way to public relations and communications careers: read more

The Art of Taking a Break

July 9th, 2013   •   2 comments   

Summer is here and many of us will take some type of time off work for either a long holiday weekend or maybe—if you are fortunate—to travel for a week or so to some unchartered territory or new adventure. I think social media has played a real role in promoting travel and exposing us to new opportunities. For example, I am impressed by my friend Mark Schaefer’s (@MarkWSchaefer) extensive travel—work related with a personal few days tagged on. Mark has mastered this art of weaving work with some vacation and I have loved seeing his documented visits to foreign places and the people he has met literally all over the world. I think Facebook has become many people’s “digital scrapbook” and when we are old we can look back and remember what we did each year! read more

One Month Down for Our Intern

June 19th, 2013   •   2 comments   

Post contributed by Tom Willcox

Here I am – one month into my summer internship at Howell Marketing. I never thought I’d learn so much so fast!

PR means public relations – yes, I get asked that all the time. It’s not the most understood job in the world and it’s hard to get respect when I say I’m on Facebook and Twitter all day! When I get home, my roommate will routinely ask how my Tweeting went at work. He’s being sarcastic of course. I don’t blame him. To be honest, despite numerous college lectures, I was still a little unsure of what PR and marketing was all about. However, my first month here at Howell has taught me a lot about this constantly-evolving profession. read more

Why #Memphis Needs Southern Airways Express

May 30th, 2013   •   2 comments   

Post contributed by Kiersten Bagley

I had the honor of participating in the internal proving flight for new Memphis-based airline, and our client, Southern Airways Express. It was my first time aboard that small of an aircraft, so I can give you a “first-timer’s” view of the experience.

I parked my car at the Olive Branch Airport, locked it up and walked approximately 50 feet to the airport door. I didn’t pull a ticket and wont have to pay a dime to leave my car there. A few passengers arrived about fifteen minutes before takeoff—no problem. No one patted me down or invaded my space before I boarded; they weighed my bags and that was it. The pilot shook my hand, introduced himself and welcomed me aboard. read more

Women (and Men) Celebrate in High Gear in NYC, Harrisburg

May 29th, 2013   •   no comments   

Last week seems like a dream as co-author @AnneDGallaher and I kicked off our book with a launch in Harrisburg (Anne’s hometown) and then in New York City at the fabulous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I think the photos (gallery at the end of this post) tell the story—we are always amazed at the power of social and how it brings people together in real life. Through social media, we have met some of our most loyal and supportive friends and our book is selling due to this buzz online.

I know long blog posts are boring so here’s a quick recap of our launch week with mentions of the great friends who joined us! read more

OVER $80 Million Raised by ROBIN HOOD #NYC

May 15th, 2013   •   no comments   

Photo via @robinhoodnyc on Instagram

It’s not every day that you get to attend a fundraiser that nets over $80 million in one night but that is the case of New York City’s leading philanthropy organization, Robin Hood. I was honored to be a guest—along with 4,000 of NYC’s most generous donors—at the May 13 event at the Jacob Javits Center, where security was tight as the wealthy and famous were in attendance. One of the hottest tickets in town, I was able to score one thanks to a very generous client of mine, who shall remain anonymous. I can honestly say that it was the most spectacular events I have ever attended; our table was adjacent to Justin Timberlake, Eli Manning, Bono—the star-studded list of attendees goes on.

The night began early on Monday, May 13 with a massive check-in, followed by a walk in to a dramatic entrance. It was draped in black and projected statistics about the poverty levels in New York were bullet pointed down the walls as you made your entrance into the “cocktail” party. The individuals in charge of branding for Robin Hood get an A+, in my book. The room was filled with neon green and black and kept consistency in the mission as the main theme. The messages displayed on more than thirty big screens are clear: FIGHT POVERTY LIKE A NEW YORKER—a trademarked slogan. Guests mingled with ESPN’s commentators, tall and beautiful actresses, singers and more celebrities and the bars were stocked with everything you could think of (I saw at least three and each measured the size of ten Suburban SUVs put together). This was definitely a high-class event. read more

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