#BroganMemphis: What I learned

May 08 2010

I wanted to do a quick blog post about the past few days leading up to Chris Brogan’s speaking, our events around his speaking and the cool things I learned…I spent most of yesterday in a client strategy and execution meeting where we talked about how these social media tools give us bigger ears (to borrow Brogan’s phrase).  Amazing, fun and exciting times we live in and I have had more fun in the past two years than I have had in my 25 years doing marketing and PR for corporate entities. So, here are a few highlights from the…

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Brogan & The Amazing Crew: Memphis…Get Ready!

Apr 23 2010

  The countdown is on to #BroganMemphis and we are days away from hosting @ChrisBrogan at the Peabody Hotel @PeabodyMemphis May 6th.  It’s been one heck of a ride planning it all and I’m excited to get to finally meet Chris and hear him speak. Working with him and his team has been a pleasure!  Thanks to our sponsors too– FedEx @FedEx The Memphis Daily News @MemphisDaily Judy McLellan Team @JudyMacTeam The Peabody Hotel, Pinnacle Airlines and the Vanick Group. One ancillary and unexpected surprise in our planning has been the number of Twitter friends–successful, busy professionals–who have joined the party from…

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Brogan: Why he’s Worth It

Apr 01 2010

OK: All the hype about Brogan making money off the social media world: First of all, I am glad to know that we are all in social media to ultimately develop revenue (OK, not everybody but I admit most).  Of course it’s mostly about meeting people and establishing relationships that lead to engagement.  Bottom line is this—tweeting is a waste of time if you can’t show your company or boss how you are helping to contribute results.  It’s not what’s on your virtual resume or “footprint” that counts—it is what you contribute to your team.  REVENUE rules. You would think…

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Social Media: Brand Making & Brand Breaking–What Keeps CEOs Awake

Mar 07 2010

As a “Twitter Evangelist” I feel like I preach daily about the benefits of Twitter for businesses. And not just Twitter, but all social networks as a rule. Posting online about your business clearly improves your search rankings and can dramatically improve your business “digital footprint” as my friend Brad Wilkerson likes to say.  It can also help you tell your story, promote events, promote your news (PR), recruit good people, etc. The benefits far exceed the negatives in my opinion.    I have had the honor recently to speak at the following events: The Memphis Chamber of Commerce Small…

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Power of Connections: Ford, Twitter & Snowstorms

Feb 09 2010

  I have tweeted before about the “power” of Twitter when it comes to connecting people and—although it seems simple enough—the real power comes from turning those contacts into colleagues. Recently I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser for non-profit “Second Mile” in Hershey, PA where the keynote speaker was FORD CEO, Mr. Alan Mulally.  The invitation came from friend and colleague, Anne D. Gallaher (@AnneDGallaher on Twitter) who owns her own marketing/pr/design firm in Harrisburg, PA. I met Anne on Twitter and have now met with her  face to face on three separate occasions—all of which have resulted in multiple business…

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Top Guns: Best of Best in Social Media Policy, Guidelines

Jan 27 2010

We’ve been helping our corporate clients with social media or online social network strategies, uses and policies of late and as I have been reading through the volume of information, I thought I’d post and share the “best of the best” that I’ve found thus far (I would say Harrison Ford, Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood if we had to equate these corporate studs to cinema action heros). Jumping into social media if you are a business is intimidating and risky to say the least.  We advise clients to get a strategy in place (based on traditional core values and marketing…

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