Crisis Management

Most every business will experience some type of crisis. A fire, a rouge employee, an employee who embezzles money, a public embarrassment of a high profile executive….a crisis is a big disruption and costly experience for any business. And with today’s viral internet, a crisis is sure to spread rapidly and far.

The best crisis is the one that is avoided. And avoiding a crisis is what good crisis management consultants can help do. HMS has been involved in both preventing a crisis as well as managing them when they happen for clients. Experience with first responders, the media, regulatory agencies, elected officials—all of these can impact how well a crisis is managed. Howell has in-depth and extensive experience managing crises. Her extensive expertise allows for her to develop a plan fast and execute all of the moving parts that must accompany that plan. She has worked for organizations with regulatory oversight and understands the importance of compliance and working with the legal team. Her experience working with CEOs and attorneys in crafting messages (both internal and external) is helpful to the team.