Wise PR Counsel Critical During a Pandemic

Oct 29 2020

It’s not enough to be good or first or even right these days. I often find myself telling people that when you are right, sometimes that’s all you are. In today’s crazy world of mostly biased media coverage, a pandemic, social media and viral messaging, it is important to have a wise, experienced PR professional on your team. Whether you are the Girl Scouts deleting a congratulatory tweet or a fraternity doing the same, wise advice can keep you out of hot water on social media and the press. In today’s world, our culture demands instant responses and instant information…

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What Happens Now? Memphis In May, The City and Taxpayer-Funded RDC/MRPP

Aug 15 2019

Well folks, last night’s Memphis In May annual meeting was indeed a HUGE success. The Memphis Botanic Gardens main room was packed with an estimated 400 people in attendance. Notably absent were elected officials and the Mayor although MPD Director, Mike Rallings was there graciously meeting and greeting people. The big news as we all know is this: Best year ever in the history of Memphis in May. $149.1M in economic development for the City (up 8%) and almost $5M in sales tax generated. What in the world are we doing Memphis? Why isn’t the City leadership calling for stopping…

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Misinformation? The RDC is in fact the same group that currently comprises the MRPP

Jul 31 2019

If real, true transparency is going to be achieved—at the taxpayer’s insistence—then the public must continue shining the light on claims made by the Memphis Riverfront Parks Partnership (the “MRPP”) and its most vocal proponents of the proposed redesign of Tom Lee Park. The MRPP’s representatives, as well as its most ardent supporters, consistently claim that the Riverfront Development Corporation (the “RDC”) and the MRPP are separate entities, and that the MRPP took over management of Memphis’ riverfront parks only a year ago. These refrains are often heard when the MRPP wants to distance itself from criticisms related to the…

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Controversial MRPP Tom Lee Park Plan is Misleading the Public and the Taxpayers are Paying for it

Jul 16 2019

Throughout the spring (and now into summer) the taxpayer-funded Memphis River Parks Partnership (MRPP) board leaders and supporters have been voicing their opinions under the guise of “clearing up misinformation” about the proposed redesign of Tom Lee Park and its impact on Memphis in May events. Memphis in May (MIM) cannot respond, as they have consistently complied with confidentiality restrictions during the ongoing mediation with the taxpayer-funded MRPP. Therefore we need to speak up as Memphians who watched MIM produce another hugely successful festival that brought not only millions in tourism dollars but also extremely positive national attention to our…

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Dear Mayor

Jul 02 2019

It’s the taxpayers’ riverfront. What’s the rush? Revise the Tom Lee Park plans FIRST! Here’s WHY: I love Memphis’ passion. The passion to make us better. I’m not against progress, like some will say. I am, however, against poorly planned, rushed taxpayer-funded projects like what the MRPP has planned for Tom Lee Park. During Memphis in May BBQ Festival, I asked some prominent City Council folks about the plans—even challenged them on it and they said to me that I was “against change.” NO. I’m not. I am against change if it’s wrong. I am FOR CHANGE as long as…

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Old Fashioned Marketing and Branding says Nike made a big mistake with the Kaepernick Ad Campaign

Sep 07 2018

I may be old school, but I have to disagree with some of the marketing and advertising thought leaders out there praising Nike’s recent new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. And maybe I’m off base and wrong about this, but only time and the good old American capitalism will tell. People will either increase spending with Nike or, they won’t. My guess at this point is that Americans who elected Donald Trump are furious with both the NFL and now Nike for spitting in the faces of those who actually do make sacrifices for America. Widows of fallen soldiers are…

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