Pros & Cons of Applying Social Media to Traditional PR Campaigns

Jan 21 2010

  In my last blog post, I emphasized what a PR firm should be doing for its clients.  I got some great comments that led me to think about some tangible examples of the pros and cons of applying social media strategies to traditional PR and marketing campaigns.  As I will continue to “preach,” I believe that social media DOES NOT REPLACE traditional PR and marketing, but IT IS A WAY TO LEVERAGE what already works.  So here are–from the trenches–some SPECIFIC pro and con examples of applying social media strategies in a traditional business environment:                                                                                                                 * PRO:…

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What Your PR Firm Should Be Doing For Your Business!

Jan 18 2010

I tell our clients often that “social media” does not replace traditional communications and core strategies that work and will continue to work (generate revenue). Social Media gives businesses another form of information distribution and simply put, is a great way to communicate information to an unlimited number of people (customers) efficiently. PR and marketing firms are both challenged and energized by this rapidly growing pace of information delivery and I think it’s important to periodically re-visit what works for clients. The temptation to “jump in” social media–which by the way IS time consuming–comes with a warning not to abandon…

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Helping Clients Succeed through Social Media

Jan 13 2010

I just got back from a brief trip to Alabama where I made a client presentation on PR/Social Media/Policy to their national sales team consisting of some wonderfully talented (and fun) people from across the U.S. It was probably one of the best “conversational” presentations I’ve ever made but I think that was more of a tribute to them–as a group of savvy sales people–than anything I said or shared. Armed with a powerpoint stuffed full of updated stats on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (thank you Emily) combined with some “real life” examples of how clients are using Social Media,…

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Twitter: The single REASON NOT to have someone ELSE Tweet for you

Jan 10 2010

Someone asked me recently how I come up with content for my blog. Honestly, when I started it, I had that same question but if you are on Twitter daily–as I am–there is unlimited content and ideas coming out of the “tweet stream” across my iPhone. Just today, I saw some debate on the benefits of hiring a “virtual assistant” to “tweet” for you. Really? I was amazed but I’m sure people are doing it and thinking of doing it. And while it would be nice to have some type of auto-thank you, it would diminish the value of having…

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When you just have to say “NO”

Jan 07 2010

The art of storytelling sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day chaos of managing projects for clients, meeting deadlines, managing people not to mention the many distractions now available on the internet.  The other night I was “tweeting” during #journchat and someone tweeted that they appreciated reporters who helped them when they had to “pitch a weak story.”  My immediate response to that was NEVER pitch a weak story! That is rule #1 in my firm.  If a client has a story they want told, it has to pass our test which is simple (I love simplicity by the way).  If…

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2010 Twitter Resolutions

Dec 18 2009

OK, now I know it’s not 2010 yet, but I’m a gal that likes to look ahead. In thinking about this tidal wave of social networking in 2009, I couldn’t help but wonder what next year will bring! If you love information and talking to people–as I sure do–being on Twitter is like being a kid in a candy store all over again. It’s fun, intimidating and sometimes more than you can take without getting a stomachache. So here’s what I’m thinking…     Here are my TOP 10 Twitter RESOLUTIONS for 2010     10. I will be better…

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