Follow My Lead–Important Advice from a National Recruiter

Oct 30 2014

Follow My Lead--Important Advice from a National Recruiter

Pictured left to right: Tammy Gilbert, Cindy Pruss, Amy Howell, Patti Clauss

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Patti Clauss and her HR team, Tammy Gilbert & Cindy Pruss, about leadership, social media best practices and “high gear” thinking and doing that makes them an elite and effective hiring team. Patti is the Director of Global & Executive Talent Acquisition for brands Williams-Sonoma Inc., Pottery Barn and West Elm. She is also a woman in high gear and a great friend to those who know her.

During our team meeting we were discussing the importance of good communications and she said, “One strategy is to follow my lead. If I email you, email me back. If I call you, call me back. Don’t call me if I have already emailed you.” This struck a chord with me. I know it sounds basic but it is really great advice for job seekers and business people in general.

Another thing we discussed is the need for clear, concise communications–on the phone, in person, in an email, text, etc. Our texting days are likely an obstacle to some for learning better communication styles. Texts and emails do not replace face to face interaction. There is so much that is left out or missed in a text vs. a real life conversation. I doubt I’d have any clients if I had to capture attention through texting.

Whether you are job hunting or working in a job, remember to think about how those around you communicate. If your boss emails you, email back. If she calls you, call her back. If your business associate sends a text, text him back. Sometimes the exception to this rule for me is when I’m driving in my car and I can’t text but I can talk. Or, if I see an important email that has a long tail for response, I will pick up the phone and discuss the issues.

Do you think about how you communicate? What can you add to this list? Do you follow your client’s lead?