Press Releases still Helpful

Nov 17 2009

I have been reading much about the debate over whether or not press releases are still viable as a way for companies to get the word out about news, events, product improvements, etc. Recently I’ve even had some of my clients say things like, “We don’t need to do a press release, I mean, let’s just post this on our Facebook page.” Well, yes, we can do that too but the truth is that there is VALUE in writing a good old-fashioned press release. In the day of “quick–hammer out a 140 character title” (and make it real time please) often times what is lost are the FACTS. So I value the process of putting together important information for clients as much as I value the information itself. Doing a press release helps you verify, research and dig deeper into what’s newsworthy. Additionally, it serves as a reference point for others within an organization who may be needing this information for internal uses. Often times we post our own press releases (whether the media uses them or not) on our client’s website as the media is JUST ONE audience.



Another point to consider is that we have seen–first hand–changes in the media players at the local, regional and even national level. As more channels of communication become available to more readers at the global level–the media who think outside the box and can find that entrepreneurial spirit will likely be the ones who find and tell the good stories. PR 101 is about story-telling. The stories and the characters are still the same. It’s the channels we have available now to hear them are dynamic, vast and evolving as we speak! So in summary, write and use those press releases if nothing else to verify information, collect good talking points and archive data for other uses. Then leverage that release in multiple ways for the maximum benefit for your clients.