Trump: America’s New CEO: Not Business as Usual

Nov 12 2016

If you don’t like all of the continuing conversation about this election, it might be a good idea to take a long sabbatical to the Bahamas. It’s going to be a long transition.

It seems like many people I know are just glad this election is over. Actually, I think it is just now beginning. It will take some time—maybe more than we want or expect—for our nation to heal. This has been a long, hard fought battle on both sides and although the results were ‘shocking’ for many, there were many who secretly hoped and prayed for change. I believe Trump will bring positive and needed change to our country and her people. You don’t have to look further than the voluminous Wikileaks to realize the level of runway corruption existing in our government. It is difficult to fathom that we have more workers on the government payroll than we have in manufacturing. It’s time to bring our jobs home. It’s time to reward (not over tax) small businesses—the backbone of American ingenuity. Americans have spoken and the map is red. The founding fathers knew what they were doing with they created the electoral college—preventing tyranny and two states controlling our election.

But healing is going to take awhile. It’s not easy to accept it when both sides have fought with unbridled passion—sometimes cruelty—for their candidate of choice. It is emotional. Even more, it’s personal. Here are the reasons I think it will be awhile—beyond the reactionary protests — before we heal, shake hands, agree to disagree and stop the “mean tweets.”

This election was personal—many people are hurting financially, working hard jobs just to make ends meet and watching DC squander their money. They are using the “power of the purse” to ensure change.
The media missed it and had false hopes and propped up, delusional reporting about why Trump would lose. The ‘shock’ hit many with a force too strong to snap out of quickly. Too many people just cannot seem to face the reality that they lost and this will echo for awhile across all media platforms as we watch them scramble to change, redirect, pivot.
The FBI and NYPD and others will continue to investigate the many criminal acts that have been exposed. We’ll be hearing about it daily so this will drag it out and remind us of this election almost daily.
This corruption and exposure of these crimes will dominate the news, social media and emphasize it continuously, which in my opinion, will ensure Trump’s continued victory as more exposure of corruption unfolds.
Americans who voted for Trump are highly angered by the massive spending and inefficiency in our government—they are determined to do better and they will be talking about it as Trump puts his leadership team together (which he has not wasted any time doing).
Social media is the ‘new media’ now and the election has exposed collusion and corruption in our mainstream media—there will be a shift-a sea change-in how we view news as new media emerges. I think Twitter and Facebook have a lot to gain if they can put their obvious bias aside and view their organizations as businesses. Americans have the power of the purse—media outlets who have been dishonest will likely lose viewers, helping fuel these new media—even through crowdsourcing. There is already evidence of it being reported in financial publications online.
Trump is an outsider, out of the box, thinker and man of action—he will be committed to proving he can build the wall and meet his campaign promises to the people—he’s that determined. I believe he will do it all and more. He will work harder than any recent Presidents and his sheer determination will propel many of his supporters to rally behind him.
Trump will be communicating his victories and using his massive PR team to celebrate his wins as President—just as a good CEO should. He will not be employing the traditional mainstream media as he has already demonstrated by not inviting them along his plane ride to DC to meet with Obama–something that has been a “shocker” to the media. And why should he? He has 14.7 million Twitter followers and even more Facebook fans. His team can just tweet out what they are doing and the media will be forced to cover it. His supporters will carry his messages far and wide and if the mainstream media is smart, they will swallow their pride and get on the Trump train!

It’s not a transition. I think we are entering into a revolution of new media, sea change in government and a new, energized ‘silent majority’ who came to vote. 5 million African Americans voted Trump. 11 million Latin Americans voted Trump. They want a better way of life, closed borders and enhanced job security.