Twitter: Breeding Entrepreneurs

Dec 09 2009

Is Twitter Breeding Entrepreneurs?

One of the best things about Twitter (to me) is the amount of content and information now quickly available.  I think Twitter might be just the tool for breeding entrepreneurs!  Here are a few recent observations and yet more reasons why I love Twitter!

·         Tweeters love tools (there’s a tool or app for everything!) Serve up a plate of tools and people will grab them!

·         Trusted, known sources will get RT-d without checking link/content—sort of like the credibility you get by being introduced by someone trusted;

·         Regardless of source, I like to read and open links before RT-ing—trust, but verify!

·         Use of DM’s increase as follower & contacts do (wish I could select/sort DMs)—like a private cocktail conversation! DMs are leading to relationships that can lead to engagement and actualized revenue!

·         Still amazed that people will debate in public (pick up the phone—Twitter is not a substitute for real, live conversations);

·         Number of blog links to Twitter seem to be increasing giving us some of the best content available  on the web!  We’re seeing a lot of great writing we’d never see without Twitter!

·         Lots of Tweeters like to say “Good Morning” everyday;  We Tweeters are a happy bunch!

·         Tweeters who “auto Tweet” should avoid saying things like “Good night” or “Bye” as they will have a tweet post soon (I finally figured that one out!)

·         Tweeters are “forward thinkers”-I have met some great “thought leaders” on Twitter and look forward to meeting more!

·         Thanks to Twitter, I am now blogging and have been asked to be a guest on a great blog! That? Would have never happened for me “pre-Twitter!”


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