Twitter: Breeding Entrepreneurs

Dec 09 2009

Is Twitter Breeding Entrepreneurs? One of the best things about Twitter (to me) is the amount of content and information now quickly available.  I think Twitter might be just the tool for breeding entrepreneurs!  Here are a few recent observations and yet more reasons why I love Twitter! ·         Tweeters love tools (there’s a tool or app for everything!) Serve up a plate of tools and people will grab them! ·         Trusted, known sources will get RT-d without checking link/content—sort of like the credibility you get by being introduced by someone trusted; ·         Regardless of source, I like to read…

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New FTC Guidelines: Biz & Bloggers Beware

Dec 01 2009

Today the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) new rules take effect governing terms of endorsing testimonials in advertising. The FTC is an independent agency of the U.S. government created and tasked by Congress with administering a wide variety of consumer protection laws.  The Commission is empowered to adopt rules to protect consumers against “unfair and deceptive acts or practices,” most notably in the arena of advertising.    These new guidelines change the tempos of the tango between businesses and bloggers.  Adopting revised “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” 16 CFR 255, the Commission rules include “new forms…

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The “Duh!” Factor in Social Media Success: A Review of Paul Gillin’s “Secrets of Social Media Marketing”

Nov 30 2009

  I don’t know Paul Gillin but I love him already. I just finished reading his newest book “Secrets of Social Media Marketing” and to say this is a “review” would not do it any justice at all so how about we just say here are my favorite points he covers in a book every marketer and CEO should have on their priority reading list. First, just a few things about why I love it: He is a great, straight-forward writer/thinker and doesn’t bore you. Second, he writes in first person and I love that—“write like you talk” (duh?). Thirdly,…

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Press Releases still Helpful

Nov 17 2009

I have been reading much about the debate over whether or not press releases are still viable as a way for companies to get the word out about news, events, product improvements, etc. Recently I’ve even had some of my clients say things like, “We don’t need to do a press release, I mean, let’s just post this on our Facebook page.” Well, yes, we can do that too but the truth is that there is VALUE in writing a good old-fashioned press release. In the day of “quick–hammer out a 140 character title” (and make it real time please)…

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Why Everyone from the CEO to the front line should read “Crush IT!”

Nov 09 2009

If you haven’t read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Why Now is the time to Crush IT!” run—don’t walk – run to the nearest bookstore and get it.  In my opinion, it is one of the best business books I’ve read in a long time—and maybe ever!  In less than 140 pages of quick reading, Vaynerchuck nails down what it takes to be successful in any business from wine distributors to law firms.  Relevant and timely in today’s world of Twitter, Facebook and Internet marketing, the book embraces traditional core values presented in a straight-forward way (my kind of author).   So, here…

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Social Media Tides: Are You Getting Swept Away or Swimming with the Currents?

Nov 06 2009

From small businesses like the new “South of Beale” in South Main (where Elvis used to hang out) to big businesses like FedEx, companies around the world are listening to the social media “conversation” and executing appropriate strategies to join in, improve customer communications and loyalty as well as churn a profit (there’s the ROI plug). It’s important to remember that while the waves of social media are crashing all around us, businesses are in the game to make money, and, if social media channels help a business make money and/or secure brand integrity and loyalty, they will embrace it,…

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