6 Ways Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

Sep 25 2014

Thank you to Vocus and Jim Dougherty for allowing us to re-post this blog in which Amy Howell is quoted, “PR expert and author of Women in High Gear Amy Howell warns against thinking about them as separate entities: ‘Social media does not replace traditional media…. traditional media is still…

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Attention: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, You’re Driving Us Crazy!

Sep 05 2014

I’m seeing a lot of chatter by social media power users in my timeline about how the top social media sites seem to be playing the chase-each-other-to-the-top game. It’s driving us crazy! As the owner of a PR firm, a few items I help clients with are better SEO results,…

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Twitter, Taunting, Teams, and Touting

Aug 26 2014

Lisa Busby, Social Media Manager, Howell Marketing Strategies, LLC Today’s letter of the day is “T.” Remember those days in preschool? It seems not so long ago that my oldest was learning his letters; now, he’s using those letters and more (Are they teaching emoji as a second language, yet?)…

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Hands Across Memphis: A Church Coalition’s Direct Impact on Poverty in Our Community

Aug 14 2014

I’m going to make this brief and what sounds complicated, is really simple. I have an idea that was sparked after hearing Pastor Will Gray Jones preach a great sermon Sunday at Germantown Presbyterian Church. I cannot get it out of my mind. It has me thinking. Ideas are one…

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If Memphis is “getting tired of” social media?…maybe Memphis isn’t doing it right!

Aug 07 2014

This week the Memphis Business Journal posted a story about why Memphis is getting tired of Social Media. The annual survey (conducted by a Memphis-based PR firm and a Memphis- based research firm) results will be released soon according to a recent tweet.   I don’t need to do research…

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The art of texting: 10 practical tips everyone should know

Jul 15 2014

Texting–sending messages on your phone to individuals and groups–has become a prime form of daily communication. We text our kids, our neighbors, our co-workers and even our clients. It has become one of the fastest ways to communicate and recent survey information shows that text messages are frequently answered faster…

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